Moving to GlotPress

According to our 2015 survey, over 10% of The Events Calendar users run a website in a language besides English. We’ve always tried to make our products useful and accessible for international users, and we recently made an exciting new change to support that goal. All of our language files are now managed with GlotPress, making it easier than ever to update and add translations.

GlotPress is a volunteer-powered tool that allows users to contribute to translations for their favorite plugins and themes, all from within the browser. On our new translations site we have a project for each one of our plugins, including The Events Calendar and all of our paid plugins. You can see a list of all the languages each plugin is translated into, and check the status of each translation.

TEC translations

We’re excited about our move to GlotPress for several reasons. First off, you can translate as many or as few strings as you want, instead of always needing to make a complete update. Everything happens within your browser, so there’s no need to download a translation program.

GlotPress makes languages easier to manage. If you need a new translation, all you have to do is download the current .po and .mo files from the site. There’s no need to wait for a new version release of the plugin to get the latest changes: they are always downloadable from GlotPress.

Finally, GlotPress puts translation management in the hands of native speakers. Our users are the ones working on the translations, which means that we have local folks maintaining their own languages. Anyone can register and update language strings. Submitted changes are then approved by our Validators. Validators are trusted native speakers who have volunteered to help with the project. Interested in being a validator for your language? Let us know!

We’re delighted to be up and running on GlotPress, and eager to expand and improve our translations program. And too all of our past, present, and future translators: Thank you! Danke! Gracias! Kiitos! Ευχαριστώ! Merci! Grazie! 謝謝!