Where To Find Local WordPress Events to Attend

So you want to connect with more WordPress people in your local area. Awesome! But where do you find local WordPress events to attend?

We’ve got the skinny on resources to help you find local WordPress meetups, events, workshops, and conferences in your area.

WordCamp Events

WordCamps are an obvious choice for connecting with local WordPressers in your area. They are informal, community-organized conferences perfecting for sharing knowledge, learning from others in the community, and building relationships. With over 500 WordCamp events spread across 6 continents, WordCamp Central is a great starting point to find an event near you.

Tip: No WordCamp events near you? Take advantage of the session recordings available at WordCampTV.

WordPress Meetup Groups

Meetup.com has over 900,000 groups related to WordPress spread across the globe. Their search allows you to browse groups near you, or if you can’t find one, start your own. Meetup frequency varies by group, with more active groups hosting local meetup events monthly.

Tip: To expand your results, try searching for broader terms such as web design or development groups.

WP Shindig

WP Shindig uses our Community Events plugin to give community members the ability to submit WordPress events and happenings to our calendar. Over the years,  it’s turned into a community resource for upcoming WordPress events.

Tip: Use the Filter Bar at the top of WP Shindig to display a calendar of events specific to your area.

WordPress.com VIP Events

The WordPress.com VIP team puts on different events throughout the year, including training workshops, webinars, and networking events. These events are typically geared towards their VIP platform developers and partners.

EventBrite Event Search

Eventbrite’s search feature makes it easy to find events related to WordPress in your area. Most of the WordPress events on EventBrite I’ve come across are ticketed events like workshops and conferences, but occasionally you can find free events as well.

Tip: You can search for past WordPress events to see what’s previously been offered in your area. Even though the event has already passed, you can usually find information on the event page or organizer profile to be notified of future events.

Lanyrd Event Search

Lanyrd bills itself as a social conference directory. Conference organizers are able to list their event, as well as speakers and sessions. They generally haven’t had a huge list of events specific to WordPress, but it’s worth checking out if you already use the site to track other events you’re interested in.

Google & Facebook Groups

Google Groups offer an online forum format to connect people with shared interests. Groups may connect exclusively online, or take the discussion offline through an in-person get together. For those in more remote areas, WordPress Google Groups offer a way to stay connected with others in the community even if you aren’t able to meet up with them in person.

Similarly, Facebook Groups connect like-minded users on the social network. There are a whole slew of active WordPress groups on Facebook. Although most of the big groups don’t specifically plan local events, members often discuss upcoming WordPress events & conferences they may be attending.

Tip: Elegant Themes recently did writeup on WordPress Facebook Groups worth checking out.

Niche WordPress Conferences

Over the past couple years, a small but growing number of niche WordPress conferences have emerged on the scene.

  • Pressnomics – geared towards those creating WordPress products & services
  • A Day of REST – all about the WordPress REST API
  • WooConf – dedicated to all things WooCommerce
  • LoopConf – a conference for WordPress developers & engineers
  • Prestige Conference – digs into the business side of the WordPress ecosystem

Find More Local WordPress Events

If none of the above options work for you, give us a shout on Twitter. We’re happy to boost the signal and let our followers know you’re trying to connect with other local WordPress users in your area.