Can’t-Miss Summer Conferences for WordPress Designers & Developers

Continuing education is an important part of any professional’s career. For WordPress developers and designers who often work solo, conferences also provide the rare opportunity to network and possibly collaborate with other professionals in the field.

Conferences also provide a much-needed push to step away from the screen, and from the development and design challenges that fuel your workday. Stretch your legs, get out of the office, talk with other human beings face-to-face, and return to work with a little extra inspiration.

Long-story short: Conferences are a great way to stay on top of your game. So here’s a handy list of web design development conferences taking place in the US this summer!

2018 Summer WordCamps

The most widely-accessible conferences for most folks are WordCamps—there’s a WordCamp happening somewhere around the world almost every weekend! Each one allows professionals to talk WordPress and get to know each other, and you’re likely to meet the friendly faces behind the WordPress plugins, themes, and services you use every day. Say us at Modern Tribe for example!

Modern Tribe - Zebra Matt

(Be sure to say hi to some of our very own team members at the Boston WordCamp, and follow us on Twitter to learn about other WordCamps we’ll be attending or speaking at!)

There are tons of options this summer, so attend a WordCamp that best suits your schedule and location:

May 12–18 ~ St. Louis, MO

May 18–19 ~ Dayton, OH

June 9–10 ~ Kent, OH

June 9–10 ~ Orange County, CA

June 30 ~ Grand Rapids, MI

July 21–22 ~ Boston, MA

July 28–29 ~ Denver, CO

August 8–9 ~ Chicago, IL (WordCamp for Publishers)

August 18–19 ~ Asheville, NC

August 18 ~ Lehigh Valley, PA

August 23–25 ~ Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN

August 25–26 ~ Omaha, NE

September 15–16 ~ Sacramento, CA

September 15–16 ~ New York, NY

September 15 ~ Peoria, IL

September 21–23 ~ Los Angeles, CA

September 22 ~ Pittsburg, PE

September 22–23 ~ Wilmington, NC

To learn more about WordCamps, links to their individual sites are available through WordCamp Central.


May 21–22
Seattle, WA

The Deconstruct conference is unique in that there is only one talk track! The organizers are passionate about diving deep into each topic and hope to inspire intense focus and meaningful discussion around a few key ideas. If you’re passionate about platform-agnostic software development and prefer quality over quantity, be sure to check this one out!

Speakers include: Allison Parrish, Anjana Vakil, Augie Fackler, and Nathaniel Manista.

UX & Product Management Case Study Conference

May 31–June 1
Salt Lake City, UT

This conference is for product designers and product managers. While not WordPress-specific, this is a great opportunity to network and share ideas with more than 100 other digital product professionals all across the UX and management space!

Speakers will include: InVision’s Director of Design Education, Eli Woolery; Facebook’s Design Manager, Cameron Moll; and Airbnb’s Design Manager, Jenny Arden.

M-Enabling Summit

June 11–13
Washington, D.C.

Focused on accessibility? The M-Enabling Summit event is all about creating a tech space that’s accessible for our senior citizens. Join the conversation and explore ways to make real, positive change in the industry.

Topics include: artificial intelligence, connected health and big data for activity monitoring, security, digital assistants, and accessible, smart cities.

Enterprise UX 2018

June 13–15
San Francisco, CA

Enterprise UX focuses on the challenges facing large enterprises. Over the years, customers have complained that their experiences with such enterprises are tedious and frustrating. Enterprise UX was born as a space to right these wrongs through collaboration with others who are employed by or do work for large enterprises.

If you are designing or developing for a larger enterprise, Enterprise UX is an awesome chance for you to chat with other folks in the industry about how to tackle the unique UX challenges faced by such organizations.

Keynote speakers are Lisa Welchman, author of Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design and Richard Buchanan, Professor of Design, Management, and Innovation at Case Western Reserve University.

An Event Apart

June 25–27
Boston, MA

An Event Apart is an event for designers and developers with an interest in digital design, UX, code, and/or content. Up your game by staying up-to-date on trends and best practices in these fields by listening to world-class experts and networking with other innovators in the space.

Talks include: Design Systems by Una Kravets, Forward Compatibility by Jeremy Keith, Val Head on Human Design, Eric Meyer on CSS, and Jen Simmons on Advanced Layouts.


June 27–29
New York, NY

QCon is a conference for senior-level software engineers and architects. With talks from over 100 speakers, you’ll learn from the patterns, practices, and use cases of the most innovative software shops in the world.

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from software engineers at industry-leading organizations like Netflix, Lyft, Facebook, and Google.


July 12–14
St. Louis, MO

Are you involved in higher education? WPCampus is a conference committed to discussing the use of WordPress to support higher education, whether it be robust websites for multifaceted institutions, or diverse knowledgebases for students.

As an added bonus, our very own Shelley Keith will be presenting at this year’s WPCampus conference. Come say hello and learn about getting started with governance in higher education during her talk Cozying up to Chaos!

(If you’re interested in Shelley’s talk but can’t make WPCampus, she’ll also be presenting it at the HigherEdWeb conference, Oct 21–24.)

Post Status Publish


Post Status Publish is another conference specific to the WordPress Community. Conversations tend to center around web publishing, hosting, and e-commerce. The goal of the Post Status Publish conference is to give the main stage to the smaller, lesser-heard voices in the community. Their inspiration sprouted from the unique, niche hallway chatter often heard at a regular conference.

Dates and location have not yet been confirmed for 2018. Last year’s conference took place in early August.




The Pressnomics conference focuses on the people, products, and ideas that fuel the WordPress economy. Their main concern: WordPress business owners.

So…is that you? (It’s us, for sure!)

When was the last time you took a step back and pondered your impact on the WordPress economy as a whole?

Pressnomics is the perfect place to explore those ideas with other leading professionals in the industry. Why not take this opportunity to meet with the businesses that power the WordPress economy in person to chat, learn, and relax?