Today only: 30% off to celebrate 300,000 downloads

As you may have seen us mention on Twitter, we’re stoked this morning because we hit a milestone we’ve been working towards for the past few months now: 300,000 downloads for The Events Calendar on Beyond being super proud of the team for pushing the plugin further and increasing community interest along the way, we are more importantly extremely thankful to all of you out there who have downloaded, used, shared, praised and otherwise supported our effort with this plugin.

To that end, we want to give a special thanks by having a 1-day exclusive promotion: today (and today only), you can take 30% off your entire shopping cart by applying the promo code Thanks For 300k. Regardless of what you’ve got in the cart, the 30% discount will be applied on-the-spot. (If you’re having trouble getting the coupon to work, please log out of the site entirely and clear your browser cache).

Thanks again for all the support! We’ve got some neat things in store in the immediate future (namely WooTickets) as well as in the longer term a massive overhaul of Events with tons of new features, views and improved functionality in the form of The Events Calendar / Events Calendar PRO 3.0. We’re looking forward to what 2013 has to offer and will definitely keep you all in the loop as we finalize things.

Now, the march towards 600,000 begins…

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  2. I’d love to be posted about all the events through my E-mail

    1. Hey Rahab: if you sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this screen) you’ll definitely have future promotions emailed your way whenever we send a newsletter blast. Cheers!

  3. Christmas 2012 Promotion? pleaseee 🙂

  4. Any discounts today

  5. We’ll likely be having a discount of some kind as we get closer to the years, nachumi & Tim, but no guarantees. Stay tuned (either here, on Facebook/Twitter or via the newsletter) so you’re kept in the loop. Thanks again for your interest.

  6. Hi Rob,

    Bought your plug in. License # …d05417
    DIdn’t get the disount when I checked out ( as far as i can tell). Can’t get it working on the new site we are designing with Gantry Framework. I can send you the developer site link when you reply.

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