The Events Calendar 3.0 Preview: The “Filters” Panel Add-on

It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means…another video preview of The Events Calendar / Events Calendar PRO 3.0. Today we focus on something new. So new, in fact, that it hasn’t even been released yet: the impending filters panel add-on (which hasn’t even had time to be given an official, snazzy name).

The filters panel, as you’ll see over the next 9 minutes, allows additional filtering options beyond what’s available in the events bar. Your frontend users will be able to narrow down by venue, organizer, category and a whole slew of other options using a sidebar panel that matches the design of the overall calendar. Live AJAX filtering means those changes take effect immediately when the selection is made.

Check out the video — where we review both the frontend experience and backend filter-centric settings — after the jump.

Let’s recap. In terms of filtering options available to site admins right off the bat, you’ve got:

  • Event Category
  • Cost ($)
  • Tags
  • Venues
  • Organizers
  • Day
  • Time
  • Distance

Those, coupled with the options in the event bar (which do interact with the filters panel) should give your users plenty of options. As users enable a given filter, those will take effect on the frontend immediately — assuming the live AJAX is enabled. If it isn’t, they’ll be prompted to hit a “Submit” button…which certainly isn’t the end of the world.

A few things you should keep in mind:

  • Organizers and venues list your 5 most-used of each. This means that as you use certain venues/organizers with increased or decreased frequency, that change will be reflected on the frontend panel immediately.
  • The distance filter will not appear — even if it’s been enabled — until a geographic location has been entered into the “Location” field in the events bar.
  • Filtering selections also modify the URL, which means you can pre-define filters before you send someone a link to the site. Have a friend coming to town who only likes live music? Filter to just show the live music category, on the days of the week she’ll be in town, then send her the link for perusal. She won’t have to apply those filters since your auto-generated URL took care of that.

Don’t want a given filtering choice available on the frontend? Want them appearing in a different order, with labels that you’ve personally added? Both are easily configured under Events –> Settings — > Filters. You can also change the category dropdown from a multiselect to a dropdown (or vice versa) on this page.

We’re really excited to get this plugin out there. As I mentioned in the video, it should ship alongside the 3.0 release and WILL be a separate add-on. If you haven’t checked the 3.0 preview page yet, what better time than now?

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  1. Hey there Rob!
    I am so looking forward to the roll-out of the 3.0 and this filters add-on. I’m currently working with the 2.0.11 v of Pro and Community .. while I really enjoy them, this new version will resolve a HUGE number of issues/needs I’ve been looking to take care of!
    Is there a tentative date for the roll-out of both the 3.0 & Filters add-on?


    1. Really appreciate the words here, Jeffrey…thanks for the nice note. We are eager to get these out there; realistically it’s probably a month or so out (but don’t quote me on that as things can change). Our plan is to release The Events Calendar 3.0, Events Calendar PRO 3.0 and Filters 1.0 all at once on the same date. We’ll also launch updates to whatever add-ons require them to integrate properly with 3.0 at that time as well.

      Hope that helps and sorry I couldn’t be more specific. Just know we’re working as hard as we can…once it’s stable enough to go, we’ll be launching.

  2. The distance filter looks perfect! My calendar is starting to get a bit crowded already so filtering for nearby events will be very handy.

    1. That’s awesome to hear, Debbie – glad to see this will be of value to you. If you haven’t yet checked out the beta code and have any interest in doing so, definitely let me know. We have been including that filters panel with the beta code we’ve been sending around and I’d love to hear your thoughts on how it works. No pressure but let me know if you’re interested.

      1. I am VERY interested. Sure, you have my email address.

      2. Done…check your inbox!

  3. Hi Rob,

    nice work – it looks promising! The distance Filter is exactly what i was searching for. Im currently building up a list/database of vintage car meetings in Germany.

    If its possible, would love to test your beta.

    Greetings from Dresden,

    1. Hey Jan! Thanks for the note…glad to hear this is in line with what you’re looking for. We just recently exported our final batch of beta code and I’d love to have you involved. If you shoot me an email, pro /a/, we’ll get you hooked up. Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

  4. Hi Rob, I’m putting together a website and would love to be in the beta. We need this filter as well. Can I be? Thank you.

    1. Wendy: you are more than welcome to participate. Thanks so much for your interest! Shoot an email to pro /a/, referencing this comment, and we’ll get you hooked in. Cheers.

      1. Hi Rob, I’m just now seeing your response. I tried sending you an email to pro /a/ but was not successful. Please give me the email to contact you or please send the information to be a part of the beta to Thank you!

      2. Hey Wendy: the /a/ is an @. We just don’t put the full email address here as an anti-spam measure. I’ll watch for your email!

  5. Hi Rob,
    Just purchased the PRO upgrade today. I’d love to see the beta so that I do not have to make too many changes when the update rolls around as I am just starting a website.


    1. Hey Tamara! Thanks for the note, and for your purchase…we appreciate the support across the board. I can hook you up with the last stable beta code, sure, so long as you understand we can’t provide support for it at this point.

      But if you’re fine taking the risks with a beta, shoot us an email (pro /a/ referencing this comment specifically and I’ll get you what you need. Cheers.

  6. I’d love to get in on the beta! We’ve waited to move fully to using events calendar because of needing a filtering method.

    1. We’re getting so close to the release now that we’re not giving out beta code any more. But soon you’ll be able to play with the real thing! Thanks for your patience.

  7. It’s great! When The Events Calendar will be released?

    1. Very soon now! We’re just putting the finishing touches on.

  8. I looked the video and for my needs it would be great if there would be option to choose venue and organizer without seeing five most popular venues and organizers.

    Any idea when Filter Bar is going to be published?

    1. Interesting point, Elias – thank you for the feedback. If through nothing else, I suspect that will be available via hooks/filters (for those willing to apply them).

      Not sure on the specific launch date for Filter Bar, but we should have a public beta available sometime in approximately the next 3-4 weeks. We’ll put up a post here on the site calling for volunteers when the time is right, and if you keep an eye on this space, you’ll be among the first to see it. Just reply from there and we’ll get you hooked in.

      Thanks again for your feedback and interest. Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer.

  9. Hi, do you have a date for when the filter bar will be available?

    1. Hey there Shimatorabi! We are moving along on the dev side for this plugin nicely. While I don’t have a specific date, we are probably going to be entering a private beta sometime next week. If you’d like to be involved, I’m happy to save you a slot! Just email pro (@) (remove the parenthesis of course) and we’ll get you added. Thanks for your interest so far.

      1. Thanks for your quick response. I need to set up the calendar for my client this weekend. I don’t have much time and have to choose a calendar. I already bought the woo tickets and was gonna use it with the all-in-one calendar. The client has a specific request that I should be able to have different URLs for the different types of events and I was thinking of using the refine to allow for that. Can you think of a way to accomplish that with this calendar since I cannot wait till next week?

      2. Hey again. It sounds like if you’re looking to segment out events, you’d want to use an option like Categories/Tags/Venues/Organizers (all 4 of which are available options in the current codebase). The search bar in PRO release also will give you the option of searching by a specific date, keyword or location.

        Beyond that any additional manual filtering options are admittedly pretty limited, as the bulk of that functionality is coming in the forthcoming filters bar. Apologies I couldn’t offer you more in the short-term here.

      3. All I need is for people to select the type of event (training, performance, etc) as well as location. By selecting the option, I want the calendar to only show events specific to that category. If that is doable today, I should be ok. Can you please clarify? Can I try it with the free version or the category will only work with the PRO version (which I will buy since I need the recurring option)

      4. I just went ahead and installed the event calendar plugin, but on top of the calendar, I only see 2 options: “vew as month” and “events in date” I do not see any categories there.

  10. Filtering by type of event (so long as you use categories to control that) and by location (so long as you use venues), it will be doable with the PRO release. You should be able to se the category functionality in the free version of the plugin. If you’re looking for frontend venue pages — or just to see the PRO release in action — you can also check out

    Hope that helps! If not, the best way to get a timely response would probably be to post further questions in our pre-sale forum (at We hit that daily and can try to address anything else that arises. My guess tells me the demo site there should show you how all this comes together though.

    1. Even the demo site doesn’t show anything as far as categories.

      I just went ahead and installed the event calendar plugin, but on top of the calendar, I only see 2 options: “vew as month” and “events in date” I do not see any categories there. – See more at:

      1. Here’s an example of the category view on that demo site: I’m going to close comments here because I’m stepping away; but as I mentioned, if you post in that pre-sales forum we’ll get you sorted as best we can. Thanks!

  11. Shimatorabi: the system actually won’t let me reply to your reply; since this isn’t really a support forum, we probably should continue the discussion over in that presales forum I linked to in my last note. Thanks in advance!

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