Some favorite features in the upcoming 4.0 release

The upcoming 4.0 release of The Events Calendar will introduce a bevy of changes. One such change is quite substantial: the splitting of our ticket-related features into a new and free, separate plugin altogether, called Event Tickets.

Other changes might not seem as substantial, but still have us beaming with excitement at the thought of finally sharing them with our users. Here’s a look at some of our favorite such features:

Event Tickets

  • RSVP – With the release of Event Tickets comes the long-awaited introduction of simple RSVP features for events. A simple ticket-like interface can be added to any event where event attendees can RSVP, reserving spots by entering a quantity to reserve and a name/email address.
  • Post–Type Agnostic Tickets – The new Event Tickets plugin is a standalone plugin. In other words, it does not require The Events Calendar to be installed. This means that, while tickets will auto-magically work with events if The Events Calendar is active on your site, you can also use a simple option in the wp-admin to add tickets to any other post type on your site.

Event Tickets Plus

  • QR Codes on Tickets – We’ve been working on adding QR codes to our ticketing systems for a long time, and are beyond excited to finally publish these features! With Event Tickets Plus, ticket emails will include QR Codes for quick scanning at the door, making both ticket authentication and attendee/check-in management a breeze.
  • Pre-Licensed Users – If you currently have a valid license for any of our existing Ticketing add-ons (WooCommerce Tickets, EDD Tickets, etc.), then you will get a license of the same tier for Event Tickets Plus automatically, for free. Okay, I admit this isn’t technically a feature; but it’s still pretty cool, right?

Events Calendar Pro

  • New Widget: “This Week” – It’s a bit mean to tease about this without sharing a screenshot (maybe we’ll tweet a teaser at some point), but the new “This Week” widget in Events Calendar Pro 4.0 provides a quick snapshot of the upcoming events in the current week. It’s a simple, useful, and easily customizable widget that compliments the existing set of widgets nicely.
  • Color Pickers in WordPress Customizer – Are you frustrated that it currently takes editing custom code just to change the color of some calendar elements, like event titles or the search bar? So are we, so we made sure that Events Calendar Pro 4.0 integrates with the WordPress Customizer for effortless, WYSIWYG color adjustments. Even if you don’t need to change your calendar colors, it’s so fun to play around with that you’ll probably check it out anyways!

Filter Bar

  • Custom Field Filtering – with Filter Bar 4.0, you can add filters for any Events Calendar Pro “Additional Field” on your site. This is another request we’ve been getting from users for ages, and should provide some much-need functionality to one of our most beloved add-ons.

When you keep in mind that the above features are just a sampling of everything coming in the 4.0 release, it’s easy to see why The Events Calendar 4.0 is something we’re so excited about here at Modern Tribe. Hopefully you’re excited too – stay tuned for the release, and follow this blog or @TheEventsCal on Twitter for more sneak-peeks and updates!