Release: The Events Calendar 4.3, Event Aggregator, and Premium Add-ons

The Events Calendar 4.3 is finally here, along with a new product and some exciting updates to our suite of premium add-ons. We’ve previewed the major features included in this release, and now those features are available. We couldn’t be more stoked for you to have them.

This is a major update and, as such, we strongly recommend that you test the latest versions of our plugins in a safe development environment before installing them on a live site. New features means new code—we expect smooth sailing, but we urge you to test everything out since there could be breaking changes. This is especially important for those of you who’ve added snippets, template overrides, or core customizations to the plugins. And, of course, please backup your database and files as you would before any other WordPress update.

Ready to explore the details of this release? On to the changelogs!

Event Aggregator

New Product! — Event Aggregator is a brand new product. To learn more about it, check out the Event Aggregator product page.

The Events Calendar 4.3

  • Feature — Added Event Aggregator to enable service-based event imports from iCal feeds, Facebook, and Meetup
  • Feature — Revamped the CSV import screens to work within the new Event Aggregator pages
  • Tweak — Adjusted some view logic to support the new Event Views shortcode in Pro
  • Tweak — Added a button to copy the system information on the help tab
  • Tweak — Added an option for users to opt into automatic system infomation so our support system can grab the system information found on the help tab automatically
  • Tweak — Use an earlier hook for iCal feed generation (props @jlambe)
  • Tweak — Revise and simplify integration with Event Tickets attendee screen
  • Tweak — Added context to a set of strings to make translation easier (props @pedro—mendonca)
  • Tweak — Deprecated various disused functions and classes relating to the Meta Factory
  • Fix — Cease using GLOB_BRACE for including deprecated files due to limited server support
  • Fix — Avoid problems that can occur when hooking and unhooking actions (props @Chouby)
  • Fix — Resolves an issue where we were duplicating a core WordPress hook but with a different set of parameters (props @Chouby)
  • Fix — Correct the datetime formatting issues within the iCal feed (props @henryk)
  • DeprecatedTribe__Events__Main::initOptions() has been deprecated with no replacement
  • DeprecatedTribe__Events__Main::set_meta_factory_global() has been deprecated in favor of using the Tribe__Events__Meta_Factory class
  • Deprecated — The setup_meta() method in both the Tribe__Events__Template__Single_Event and Tribe__Events__Template_Factory classes has been deprecated
  • Deprecated — The the_title(), event_date(), event_category(), event_tag(), event_website(), event_origin(), organizer_name(), organizer_email(), venue_name(), venue_address(), and venue_map() methods have been deprecated in the Tribe__Events__Advanced_Functions__Register_Meta class
  • Deprecated — The register(), check_exists(), and get_args() methods have been deprecated in the Tribe__Events__Meta_Factory class

Events Calendar PRO 4.3

  • Feature — Added the [tribe_events] shortcode to allow for the rendering of event views anywhere shortcodes are allowed!
  • Feature — Introduces support for enhanced logging
  • Tweak — Added the “All Events” link on top of all recurring events view
  • Tweak — Made the redirect URL used when a recurring event cannot be found filterable (props: @logoscreative)
  • Deprecated — Deprecated various disused functions that were built around the Meta Factory
  • DeprecatedTribe__Events__Pro__Templates__Single_Organizer::setup_upcoming_events() has been deprecated

Community Events 4.3

  • Tweak — Add Community Events links for the Add and List pages into the system information
  • Tweak — Adjust helper text for redirect URL setting

Community Tickets 4.3

  • Tweak — Some under-the-hood tweaks to ensure compatibility with The Events Calendar 4.3 and Community Events 4.3

Eventbrite Tickets 4.3

  • Tweak — Some under-the-hood tweaks to ensure compatibility with The Events Calendar 4.3

Filter Bar 4.3

  • Tweak — Some under-the-hood tweaks to ensure compatibility with The Events Calendar 4.3

Event Tickets 4.3

  • Feature — Add ticket management facilities allowing reassignment to different posts
  • Tweak — Changed “Event Add-Ons” to load faster
  • Tweak — Reworked and reorganized the attendee list screen
  • Tweak — Added tribe_tickets_rsvp_before_order_processing and tribe_tickets_rsvp_before_attendee_ticket_creation actions (props to @sabitertan on GitHub for this!)
  • Fix — Cease using GLOB_BRACE for including deprecated files due to limited server support
  • Fix — Made some untranslatable strings translatable (big thanks to @Petr from the support forums on this!)
  • Deprecated — The process_bulk_actions() method has been deprecated in Tribe__Tickets__Attendees_Table in favor of process_actions() in the same class

Event Tickets Plus 4.3

  • Tweak — Improved integration with the attendee screen and enhanced options for customizing same
  • Fix — Fix issue where custom attendee meta fields sometimes failed to render the meta field templates