Things to Be Aware of in Version 4.3 of The Events Calendar, Event Tickets, and Premium Add-ons

We’ve packed a lot into our 4.3 release. Below you’ll find a high-level overview of new features, fixes, and tweaks. For more detailed info, check out our full 4.3 release notes.

1. Introducing: Event Aggregator

Many customers use a combination of Facebook Events, iCal Importer, and the CSV importer built into The Events Calendar to manage importing events from outside sources into WordPress.

With version 4.3 of The Events Calendar comes the launch of Event Aggregator, which combines the functionality of all of the above plugins into one service—along with some additional features and capabilities, too. For example, will now be available for importing events into The Events Calendar—something our plugins have never supported thus far!

A key feature of Event Aggregator is that it runs entirely on our own servers. Say goodbye to limitations with Facebook Events when importing from a large number of Facebook pages, and to significant site slow-downs whenever you perform imports—Event Aggregator’s servers will shoulder the burden of processing imports for you. Performing imports will essentially have no impact on the performance of your WordPress site in the process. You can run imports from multiple sources right from your dashboard, including Facebook, Meetup, Google Calendar, iCalendar, CSV, and ICS.

Learn more about Event Aggregator here!

2. Full Calendar View Shortcodes

One of our most-requested features is finally here: The ability to embed full calendar views into any page or post.

This feature requires both The Events Calendar 4.3 and Events Calendar PRO 4.3. Once both are installed, you’ll have access to a new shortcode called [tribe_events], which allows for the embedding of full calendar views. Feel free to learn more about the [tribe_events] in-depth in the official guide for using it here.

This shortcode provides a ton of utility. We’re stoked to finally share it with the world and see all of the ways you put it to use on your sites!

3. WPML Support for Recurring Events

Our inconsistent support for the beloved multilingual plugin WPML has been a huge pain point for some time. We’re dedicated to rectifying this and ensuring full compatibility with WPML for all of our plugins. With Events Calendar PRO 4.3, we’re one step closer to that goal.

Events Calendar PRO 4.3 ensures that recurring events can be translated into multiple languages just like non-recurring events. This completes WPML compatibility for Events Calendar PRO—now on to the ticketing plugins!

4. Re-Assign Attendee Records

We’ve added functionality in Event Tickets 4.3 that is doubly awesome: it’s useful as a feature itself, and also includes many under-the-hood changes that will allow for future development to support recurring event tickets (which are still unsupported at this time).

This functionality allows you to reassign attendee records between events, or between different ticket types on the same event. Let’s say you sell tickets to an event that gets cancelled due to weather conditions. If fifteen people have bought tickets to that original, now-cancelled event, you can move those fifteen tickets to the new rescheduled event taking place a week later. Those fifteen attendees will have all of their information moved to the new event, ready to be checked-in at the event like anyone else who buys tickets on the new event directly. Pretty cool!

5. Updated Attendee Report

With Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus 4.3 comes a refreshed UI for the admin-facing Attendees List. Some of the changes are subtle, but should make it a bit easier to navigate the Attendees List—especially when it comes to looking at Attendee Information.

6. Alternate Default Mobile Views

Until version 4.3 of our plugins, you only had one option for setting a default calendar view in the Events Settings: “Default calendar view.” Whatever view was chosen here would be the default view no matter what device your calendar was viewed on.

With the launch of Events Calendar PRO 4.3 comes a new option, “Mobile default view.” You’ll get to set a “Default calendar view” like normal, but you’ll also get to set a different default view for mobile devices if you’d like. Note: If you don’t manually set a mobile default, then the “Default calendar view” will be used for both options; but now you have the option to serve up different default views to your site visitors if you would like.

7. Bug Fixes and Tweaks

As always, we try to make a bunch of small adjustments to make everything just a little bit better. Check out the full release notes for all the details about every little adjustment we made this time.

8. New actions

The Events Calendar

  • tribe_aggregator_endpoint
  • tribe_aggregator_endpoint_{$action}
  • tribe_aggregator_cron_run
  • tribe_aggregator_page_request
  • tribe_aggregator_template_before_include
  • tribe_aggregator_template_after_include
  • tribe_aggregator_record_activity_wakeup
  • tribe_events_csv_import_complete
  • tribe_events_blog_deactivate

Events Calendar PRO

  • tribe_events_pro_recurring_event_instance_updated
  • tribe_events_pro_recurring_event_instance_inserted
  • tribe_events_pro_recurring_event_save_after
  • tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_prepare
  • tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_prepare_{$view}
  • tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_pre_render
  • tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_post_render

Event Tickets

  • tribe_tickets_ticket_type_before_move
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_type_moved
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_before_move
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_moved
  • tribe_tickets_all_tickets_moved
  • tribe_tickets_rsvp_before_order_processing
  • tribe_tickets_rsvp_before_attendee_ticket_creation
  • tribe_tickets_attendees_page_inside
  • tribe_tickets_attendees_do_event_action_links
  • tribe_tickets_attendees_totals
  • tribe_tickets_moved_ticket_type_email_styles
  • tribe_tickets_moved_ticket_type_email_top
  • tribe_tickets_moved_ticket_type_email_bottom
  • tribe_tickets_moved_tickets_email_styles
  • tribe_tickets_moved_tickets_email_top
  • tribe_tickets_moved_ticket_email_bottom

9. New filters

The Events Calendar

  • tribe-events-radii
  • tribe_aggregator_admin_page
  • tribe_aggregator_api
  • tribe_aggregator_batch_size
  • tribe_aggregator_before_insert_event
  • tribe_aggregator_before_save_event
  • tribe_aggregator_before_update_event
  • tribe_aggregator_connection_timeout
  • tribe_aggregator_csv_column_mapping
  • tribe_aggregator_csv_post_types
  • tribe_aggregator_default_tab
  • tribe_aggregator_event_image
  • tribe_aggregator_facebook_token_expire_notice_boundary
  • tribe_aggregator_fields
  • tribe_aggregator_manage_record_columns
  • tribe_aggregator_origins
  • tribe_aggregator_record_frequency
  • tribe_aggregator_record_processor_interval
  • tribe_aggregator_should_load
  • tribe_aggregator_small_batch_size
  • tribe_aggregator_tab
  • tribe_aggregator_template_file
  • tribe_aggregator_template_html
  • tribe_aggregator_track_modified_fields
  • tribe_aggregator_translate_service_data
  • tribe_events_force_ugly_link
  • tribe_events_hide_legacy_imports
  • tribe_events_json_ld_price_decimal_point
  • tribe_events_json_ld_price_thousands_separator
  • tribe_events_linked_posts_query
  • tribe_events_post_type_permalink
  • tribe_events_rewrite_i18n_domains
  • tribe_events_rewrite_i18n_slugs_raw
  • tribe_events_rewrite_rules_custom
  • tribe_events_ugly_link_baseurl
  • tribe_events_widget_jsonld_enabled
  • tribe_events_{id}_jsonld_enabled
  • tribe_get_organizer_details

Events Calendar PRO

  • tribe_events_{$id_base}_jsonld_enabled
  • tribe_events_widget_jsonld_enabled
  • tribe_events_pro_geocode_rewrite_slugs
  • tribe_events_pro_recurrence_redirect_url
  • tribe_events_pro_recurring_event_parent_id
  • tribe_events_pro_get_all_link
  • tribe_events_pro_get_link
  • tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_truthy_values
  • tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_output
  • tribe_events_pro_tribe_events_shortcode_wrapper_classes
  • tribe_events_mobile_default_view

Event Tickets

  • tribe_tickets_ticket_type_moved_email_recipient
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_type_moved_email_attachments
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_type_moved_email_content
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_type_moved_email_headers
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_type_moved_email_subject
  • tribe_tickets_show_ticket_type_history_in_ticket_editor
  • tribe_tickets_move_tickets_template_vars
  • tribe_tickets_move_tickets_script_data
  • tribe_tickets_find_ticket_type_host_posts_limit
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_moved_email_recipient
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_moved_email_attachments
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_moved_email_content
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_moved_email_headers
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_moved_email_subject
  • tribe_tickets_get_total_checked_in
  • tribe_tickets_get_total_not_checked_in
  • tribe_tickets_get_total_attendees_deleted
  • event_tickets_attendees_table_row_actions
  • tribe_events_tickets_attendees_table_attendee_id_column
  • tribe_tickets_rsvp_send_mail
  • tribe_tickets_rsvp_print_totals_html
  • tribe_tickets_rsvp_get_total_rsvps
  • tribe_tickets_rsvp_get_total_going
  • tribe_tickets_rsvp_get_total_not_going

Event Tickets Plus

  • tribe_tickets_plus_get_total_sold
  • tribe_tickets_plus_get_total_pending
  • tribe_tickets_plus_get_total_paid

10. Newly-Deprecated Code

In The Events Calendar, Tribe__Events__Main::initOptions() has been deprecated with no replacement.

In Events Calendar PRO, Tribe__Events__Pro__Templates__Single_Organizer::setup_upcoming_events() has been deprecated.

In Event Tickets, the process_bulk_actions() method has been deprecated in Tribe__Tickets__Attendees_Table in favor of process_actions() in the same class.

We are moving away from an older component we had called “meta factory” in The Events Calendar and PRO. We are taking a step in that direction with the following deprecations:

  • Tribe__Events__Main::set_meta_factory_global() has been deprecated in favor of using the Tribe__Events__Meta_Factory class
  • The setup_meta() method in both the Tribe__Events__Template__Single_Event and Tribe__Events__Template_Factory
  • In the Tribe__Events__Advanced_Functions__Register_Meta class, the_title(), event_date(), event_category(), event_tag(), event_website(), event_origin(), organizer_name(), organizer_email(), venue_name(), venue_address(), and venue_map() methods have been deprecated.
  • In the Tribe__Events__Meta_Factory class, register(), check_exists(), and get_args() methods have been deprecated.
  • Deprecated various disused functions that were built around the Meta Factory in PRO

11. Removed Filters

The Events Calendar

  • tribe_venue_display_url
  • tribe_events_rewrite_rules
  • tribe_show_organizer_email_obfuscation_alert

12. Updated Views

We definitely want you to be aware of updated views, particularly those of you who have used template overrides in the past. We’ve updated markup in the following templates, so please do be sure to check your custom work against what’s new in 4.3 and test things out in a safe development environment to avoid any critical breakages.

The Events Calendar

  • list/content.php
  • list/single-event.php
  • single-event.php

Events Calendar PRO

  • single-organizer.php
  • single-venue.php
  • widgets/mini-calendar-widget.php
  • widgets/modules/single-event.php
  • widgets/venue-widget.php

Event Tickets

  • email-ticket-type-moved.php
  • email-tickets-moved.php
  • orders-rsvp.php
  • rsvp.php

Event Tickets Plus

  • orders-edit-meta.php
  • orders-tickets.php

Thanks for your continued support! We hope this makes your sites much better and your jobs way easier.