Event Tickets 4.11.4

Hey folks! Today’s update focuses on how the tickets are styled on your sites, displaying the Attendee Registration Modal, and preventing conflicts within premium plugin updates.

This is an important release. It’s always a good idea to backup your site and test changes in a development environment before installing this on your live site, as you would with any other WordPress update.

Let’s get to the changelogs:

When users updated premium plugins without matching updates of our other plugins — such as updating Events Calendar Pro 5.0.2 before updating Filter Bar to 4.9.2 — all of the premium plugins would fail to load without any visual warnings. We have fixed this across our plugins with updates to The Events Calendar and Event Tickets 4.11.4. Earlier versions of our premium plugins will not block other plugins from loading if they are not compatible with the updated versions.

  • Fix – We customized the Update file path in the doc blocks of the templates for newly redesigned calendar views in The Events Calendar.
  • Fix– We noticed that hitting Enter in the tickets form changed ticket quantities for other tickets on the same event. That no longer happens.
  • Fix – Divi users noticed that the Attendee Registration Modal appeared behind the header or footer of their site. We are respecting the page title and fixing redirection for the custom attendee registration page.
  • Fix – Users noticed the +/- buttons and that some other styling looked a bit off since the release of Event Tickets 4.11.3. To clean that up, we’ve ensured that we’re loading the common full styles when required. This fixes missing styles problems from the tickets block.
  • Fix – We adjusted JavaScript to have the Attendee Registration page working in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fix – We added theme compatibility for the Attendee Registration Modal by adding theme identifying body CSS classes.
  • Fix – Folks using the Classic Editor in WordPress were noticing that the ticket form was not working correctly. Now, if the Classic Editor plugin is activated, we are preventing ticket availability AJAX errors by temporarily disabling the AJAX requests.
  • Fix – When not using blocks, the scripts to obtain an RSVP ticket now work even if required Attendee Information (from Event Tickets Plus) is missing upon initial attempt to submit the form.
  • Fix – Users were being redirected to the calendar when attempting to make a purchase with a ticket containing an Attendee Registration form. That’s definitely not the checkout page, which isn’t great. Now, we’re preventing The Events Calendar plugin from overriding the Attendee Registration page content when Events Page is set as site home page.
  • Fix – The end date for tickets was not saving in the WordPress classic editor. To fix that, we’re using the default datepickerFormat value if the option hasn’t been set yet when setting up validation rules for the ticket add/edit admin form.
  • Fix – If you were using the redesigned views in The Events Calendar on your site, you may have noticed one issues viewing RSVPs. The “View My Tickets” page was blank or not loading but that’s now fixed.
  • Fix – We are using accessibility CSS classes for more screen reader text elements.
  • Fix – Tickets with a shared capacity were showing up as “sold out” when creating tickets with Tribe Commerce. To avoid that, we now save the initial shared capacity value for global stock correctly on the first Tribe Commerce ticket so availability shows as expected.
  • Fix – Users noticed that the “Get Tickets” button vanished. We found JavaScript errors in the dialog element when there were no dialogs in use. We changed the fallback from an object to an array which fixed the issue.
  • Fix – The Attendee Registration modal wasn’t working in Safari 12 for iOS. We brought back the dialog icons and now things are working as expected.
  • Tweak – To keep the Attendee Registration modal in the expected position on the page, we added theme compatibility for it.
  • Plugin Hookshttps://docs.theeventscalendar.com/reference/since/event.tickets4.11.4/ Added filters: `tribe_tickets_theme_compatibility_registered`
  • Language0 new strings added, 76 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Updated templates

Please note that the following plugin template files have been modified.

  • blocks/tickets/content-description.php
  • blocks/tickets/extra.php
  • blocks/tickets/quantity-remove.php
  • blocks/tickets/quantity-add.php
  • registration-js/content.php
  • v2/day/event/cost.php
  • v2/list/event/cost.php
  • v2/map/event-cards/event-card/actions/cost.php
  • v2/month/calendar-body/day/calendar-events/calendar-event/tooltip/cost.php
  • v2/month/mobile-events/mobile-day/mobile-event/cost.php
  • v2/photo/event/cost.php
  • v2/week/grid-body/events-day/event/tooltip/cost.php
  • v2/week/mobile-events/day/event/cost.php