Plugin prices are going up in June

Our plugin pricing model has remained unchanged for the duration of the 2.x lifecycle. Once 3.0 comes out, though, prices will be going up. We wanted to put this post out in the interest of transparency: so the community is aware of what we’re planning and why, and so they have time to buy at current prices before the cost increase kicks in. Don’t forget, if you have a valid license, as 3.0 comes comes out soon, it will be a free update. If your license has expired, you’ll need to purchase a new one to get the 3.0 goodness.

Anyone who has watched the preview videos or checked out the 3.0 betas will know that a lot has changed in this new code base. There’s a ton of new functionality for both free and PRO users alike. We have invested some serious ducats into making this next generation a product we are proud of. We believe the new features, and our commitment to support is a good value for the price you’re paying. We’re committed to developing, and enhancing the Events Calendar suite of products for the long haul, and that means our we need to be around to do so.

The new pricing structure includes a 20% increase, and is as follows:

  • Personal licenses will cost $60 for Events Calendar PRO, Community Events, WooTickets, Eventbrite Tickets & the forthcoming soon-to-be-named Filters plugin, and $25 for Facebook Events.
  • Business licenses will cost $120 for Events Calendar PRO, Community Events, WooTickets, Eventbrite Tickets & the forthcoming soon-to-be-named Filters plugin, and $40 for Facebook Events.
  • Developer licenses will cost $300 for Events Calendar PRO, Community Events, WooTickets, Eventbrite Tickets & the forthcoming soon-to-be-named Filters plugin, and $70 for Facebook Events.

Do you have more questions about why we’re raising prices? We’re pretty open about how we do things around here. Feel free to reach out.  We’d love to hear your feedback.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know. Will the prices for the add-ons be increasing as well?

    1. Hey Danielle! Yes, the prices are going up across the board for all of the paid/premium plugins. The list above includes both the core/PRO pricing as well as the pricing for each add-on.

      Let me know if I misunderstood your question or if you’ve got other comments here. Thanks again for checking out the post!

      1. Rob,

        Thanks for the clarification. I now see that you listed out the details of the plugin prices already. Again I appreciate the heads up, I’ve been meaning to purchase the Community Events plugin so I’d better get to it.


      2. Glad to be of service, Danielle. Thanks again for your support – stoked to hear you’re moving towards Community also 🙂 If we can do anything else as you begin using it, or if you have other questions…just let us know.

  2. Hello,

    What is the upgrade price if ECP was purchased last month?

    1. Hey there viracreatv. This won’t come at a cost if you’re an existing customer; anyone who has a license at the moment won’t see the new pricing structure until they go to renew. Hope that helps! Let me know if it doesn’t.

  3. Hi, great to see 3.0 is getting there.
    My first year of pro is not over jet. Should I buy an new subscribtion now for events pro en community events?? Will it add on the time I’ve left?

    1. Hey there Harold. If you bought at the current pricing it would extend you another year from the current date of expiration; if you wait until after the price increases kick in — which you totally can do — you will have to pay a bit more.

      That make sense? Let me know if not, or if I misinterpreted the question, and I’ll get you what you need.

  4. is there any chance that you’ll release license that handles more than 10 sites?

    1. Good question, Rich. We’ve been working on pricing along those lines but I’m not sure it’ll be ready in time for 3.0’s initial launch. Let me check with the team and get you a reply sometime this week.

      1. Rich: just wanted to follow-up to say I haven’t forgotten about you here. Can you do me a favor though? When you’ve got a few minutes and can type out your use case, send me an email to pro /a/ We’re trying to get a feel for the types of scenarios users would want these alternative licensing structures and it’d be awesome to hear more from you as to your situation. No rush of course.

  5. You deserve a raise. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks for the words, Eric. 3.0 has been quite an investment for us 🙂 But more importantly we’re adding a whole lot of new stuff and making quite a few improvements here. Between that and our dedicated support team, we’re hoping folks see the value in this decision. The feedback we’ve seen so far has been extremely positive.

  6. The Pro calendar is a bargain at twice the price! A 20% increase is more than reasonable.

    1. Those are the bits of feedback we love to hear! Thanks for words, Robin, and for your support. It’s people like you who have made 3.0 happen.

  7. Hi there!

    I think you guys deserve a raise!

    My doubt is about the renewal for licensed users. How can I purchase the new license in advance (I understand that the period will add up to the previous one).

    Is the price for the renewal the same for the new users? I guess the users that are already customers could benefit from a special price to renew the license every year.


    1. Hey Cintia! Good to hear from you…I hope the teaching is going well. If I understand your question correctly: you should be able to renew your license, regardless of its current state / expiration date, by hitting the “Renew (License Type) License” button that appears on your license keys list: The renewal price only is available if you’ve got an existing license to renew; fresh buyers pay a higher rate than renewing customers.

      That make sense? Let me know if not and I can elaborate or adjust my response. Still would love to talk to you about helping us out with support if you’re ever interested 🙂

      1. Hi Rob,

        Only got to see the reply now! lol
        I replied to the email as well.

        I guess I had this doubt because I wasn’t able to find where I could renew the license. After looking for it on the license tab on the plugin I searched for it on, but I didn’t log in, so I ended up on the page for first buyers instead of going to the license keys option on my account.

        So now it’s clear that renewing is cheaper than buying for the first time (which actually makes sense).


      2. Hey, no problem Cintia! I’m just now seeing the reply to your reply, so we’re even 🙂 Are you all sorted here, or do you have further questions? I believe we’ve exchanged emails since you posted this but if there’s anything else I can do please let me know.

  8. My 2.0 is set to expire in two weeks. If I renew, will I have access to 3.0 when it releases?

    1. Kishore: totally!

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