The Events Calendar 4.2 Release Candidate Now Available

We’ve been working hard on the The Events Calendar 4.2, including updates to all of our premium add-ons. You already know about the features we’re stoked to release, but we also want to let you know that the release candidates for the updates are now available for testing.

As a reminder, release candidates are different from what will be officially released but are solid enough that we like to make them available for developers like yourself to test them ahead of release. This gives you an opportunity to preview the new features in advance, but also to test the updates in a safe development environment to make sure everything works smoothly for you before the official release is available and before deploying anything to a live, production site. We made a lot of changes in 4.2 and, as such, there is the chance of breaking changes to be introduced, especially for those of you who have made customizations to the calendar. This is an unofficial release and we’re making it available for you to prepare for what’s coming up.

You can access the release candidate for The Events Calendar 4.2 and all our other premium plugins by logging into your account and visiting¬†the My Downloads section of your account. They are listed at the very bottom of the screen under the “Early Access” heading.

Again, we strongly urge caution and care when testing new, unofficial releases. Please backup your files and test with safety. We will be sure to publish our release notes once the official versions ship and document all of our changes there.

We really hope you are as excited as we are about 4.2 and that this release candidate gives you a good idea of what to expect when the release officially ships.