Final call for Events Calendar PRO 3.0 translations

We’re getting closer to kicking off our “week of 1000” translations, in which we’ll be focused exclusively on securing translations for The Events Calendar 3.0, Events Calendar PRO 3.0 and each of the corresponding add-ons that will be released alongside them. This week has officially been scheduled as May 20-27, 2013.

The code will be finished. Features will be all in place and any bugs that we’re hitting for 3.0 will already be addressed. This will truly be the last act before we release finished products to the masses, and we’d love for YOU to be involved. While we probably won’t get 1000 translations, the more we can secure for launch, the more countries we’ll be able to serve with this new batch of releases.

We’re also offering a free developer license to whoever provides us with the most obscure translation! We reserve the right to make final judgment on what defines “obscure,” but if you send us something we’ve never seen before or a language not widely used, you’ll definitely be entered into this contest.

Please let us know if you’d be interested in providing translations for any of the following products. Languages that have already been spoken for are listed below each plugin, but you’re welcome to volunteer as a backup in case our primary contact bails.

  • The Events Calendar 3.0 / Events Calendar PRO 3.0 (must be done together)
    • German (de_DE) from Thomas Lipp
    • Swedish (sv_SE) from Ben Andersen
    • Dutch (nl_NL) from Nico
    • Danish (da_DK) from Martin Hover
    • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) from Diego Meneghetti
    • European Portuguese (pt_PT) from Antonio Pratas
    • Norwegian (nb_NO) from Eyolf Steffensen
    • Italian (it_IT) from Piercarlo Romeo
    • Czech (cs_CZ) from Martin Kristan
    • Spanish (es_ES) from Rene Ramos Avendaño
    • French (fr_FR) from Frederic-xavier Dubois
    • Polish (pl_PL) from Marek Kosina
    • Greek (el) from Panos Efstratiou
    • Arabic (ar) from Mamdouh Samy
    • Catalan (ca) from Barbara Partegas
    • Romanian (r0_RO) from Arian
    • Turkish (tr) from Evren Ugurbas
    • Hebrew (he_IL) from Dan Stramer
    • Bosnian (bs_BA) from Marko Manojlović
    • Croatian (hr) from Marko Manojlović
    • Serbian (sr_RS) from Marko Manojlović
    • Ukrainian (uk) from Alexey Fedorov
    • Persian (fa_IR) from Ardi Madadi
    • Japanese (ja) from Toru Miki
    • Albanian (sq) from Martin Lerch
  • Community Events 1.0.6
    • Sri Lankan Tamil (ta_LK) from Andrew Jebaraj
    • Sri Lankan Sinhala (si_LK) from Andrew Jebaraj
    • German (de_DE) from Jan
    • Portuguese (pt_PT) from Luiza Libardi
    • French (fr_FR) from Jeremie Leroy
    • Spanish (es_ES) from Frank Rondon
  • Eventbrite Tickets 1.0.6
    • German (de_DE) from Jan
  • WooTickets 2.0
    • Danish (da_DK) from Tue Jensen
    • Turkish (tr) from Ardi Madadi
    • Persian (fa_IR) from Ardi Madadi
    • German (de_DE) from Jan
  • Facebook Events 1.0.6
    • Swedish (sv_SE) from Anders Eriksson
    • German (de_DE) from Jan
  • Filters Panel 1.0
    • German (de_DE) from Jan
    • French (fr_FR) from Jeremie Leroy

Remember that we’ll grant you a free license for the plugin you translated in exchange for completed .po/.mo files. If you want to translate multiple plugins, you’re welcome to claim multiple licenses. We’ve got a few volunteers lined up already so if you’ve already emailed, no need to do so again. But if you haven’t yet reached out and would be interested in doing so, please shoot us a note no later than May 17.