Filter Bar: A Video Preview

Many of you will recall that in the lead up to launch of The Events Calendar / Events Calendar PRO 3.0, we often spoke of a filter plugin that would be released alongside the 3.0 code. ย While we encountered a few roadblocks at the time that kept us from the getting the new plugin out with the others — it’s now in its final stages of development, looking better than ever. Functionality has been smoothed out and we’ve added a few new features to make the finished product as useful a tool as possible.

To that end, I did a quick preview video earlier today covering the basics of the plugin while running the latest code. In under 5 minutes we covered the different filter layouts available, how to run specific filters and what configuration options you’ve got on the backend. Check it out:

So when exactly is release? Very good question. While we know better by now than to commit to specific launch dates, we’re optimistic that it’ll be released during one of the next few maintenance releases. How soon will really depend on how quickly we can patch the remaining bugs that came from our beta, and get it through a final round of QA to ensure there’s a clean bill of health. We’re as stoked as you are to see it out in the wild! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter / like us at Facebook so you get a heads up as soon as the product is available.