New post status options for importing events from Eventbrite to WordPress

New Default Option for Importing Eventbrite Events

On Thursday, we released a new version of Eventbrite Tickets that includes a new default post status for imported events.

The previous WordPress post statuses available when running Eventbrite imports were Published, Draft, or Pending Review. Going forward, DraftPending Review, and the new (do not override) statuses will be available in your Import Settings.

Now about the Published setting–we’ll get to that in a bit. Trust us, it’ll make more sense once you’ve read the info below about the new status.

Why Add a New Status?

Event organizers often have a mix of Draft and Live events in their account on If your default WordPress import setting is Published, that means that all of your Draft events on Eventbrite will be prematurely set to Published on your WordPress site when you run the import.

For most folks, this is a less than ideal situation. That’s why we added a new status: (do not override).

The New Default: (do not override)

In Eventbrite Tickets version 4.6.1 and higher, the Eventbrite import settings now default to (do not override), which works very simply: the status is not overridden upon import.

So if you import a mix of Draft and Live events from, the Draft events stay drafts once imported and the Live events are published.



Q: But what if I want all events to be Published on import, even if they’re drafts on

A: We do not recommend doing this, as it could create the problem mentioned above where draft events are published prematurely. However, one can force all Eventbrite imports to be Published on import by adding the following code snippet to your site:

function force_eb_events_to_always_import_as_published( $post_status, $event, $record  ) {

    if ( ! isset( $event['eventbrite']->status ) ) {
        return $post_status;

    return 'publish';

add_filter( 'tribe_aggregator_new_event_post_status_before_import', 'force_eb_events_to_always_import_as_published', 20, 3 );

Q: Why are the “Use global import settings” and “Published” options removed from the WordPress import settings for Eventbrite?

A: Both the “Use global import settings” and “Published” options could lead to the issue mentioned above where draft events are imported and prematurely published. To help make sure this doesn’t happen, we’ve removed both options from settings screen for Eventbrite imports.

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns about this new feature, swing by our Help Desk and let us know!

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