The Events Calendar 4.0: Beta Testers Wanted

The major 4.0 release of The Events Calendar is coming soon, and we’re looking for readers like you to sign up and help us test the Beta version!

There are too many awesome changes coming in the 4.0 release to list them all here. Some are still top-secret at this time — but hey, if you’re curious about 4.0 and want an early peek at all the new features, that’s all the more reason to sign up to participate in the 4.0 Beta Test!

Signing Up and Participating

You can sign up for the beta by filling out this form. We’ll hit you up via email when the testing actually begins, which is tentatively set for late-October or early-November.

This round of beta testing should be quite simple. Once we have a large enough pool of testers, the actual testing will proceed in the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Code launch. We will start, of course, by sharing the new code with you.
  • Phase 2: Feedback period. You will have open access to a forum where you can post feedback, questions and comments about the 4.0 code and your experience with it.
  • Phase 3: Wrap-up. This is where we’ll close the forum and start following up on the feedback that was collected.

Great, but what’s in it for me?

Because it means a lot to us. And you get a better product. And you get a sneak peak at what’s coming.

Oh, and we’ll totally hook you up with coupons and other goodies for especially insightful bug reports and feedback you provide during the feedback phase.

Ready to sign up? Click here to do so!