The Events Calendar 4.0 Preview

Upcoming Release: What’s Coming in The Events Calendar 4.0

The release of The Events Calendar 4.0 is on the horizon, and we’ve got some juicy details to leak.

What’s Our Timeline?

We’re targeting a mid-November release for version 4.0. As with any major release, we’ve got quite a bit of testing and QA ahead of us before we can call it ready to ship, but we’re working hard to stick as close to our schedule as possible.

Beta Testers Needed

As we near the launch of 4.0, we’ll be looking for code-savvy folks to provide at least one round of substantive feedback during the course of our beta testing. The scope will include bug reports and broken functionality, including local conflicts such as theme or plugin clashes.

You can find more info and get signed up on our Beta Testing info page.

And now for the juicy stuff….

The Events Calendar 4.0 – The Highlights

  • A new (and free!) add-on for creating and selling tickets for events (including RSVP capabilities)
  • We’re consolidating all of our premium ticketing add-ons into one single add-on
  • Filter Bar will (finally!) support filters for additional fields created in The Events Calendar PRO
  • Change calendar colors directly in the WordPress theme customizer–no more code snippets needed!
  • All API settings–from Eventbrite to Facebook–in a single place
  • Facebook Events will sync the changes made to an event on to the site
  • Better integration with Twenty Fifteen

Our quick & dirty video preview of the updated customizer (if you already follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have already caught a glimpse of this).

This is Just the Beginning

The upcoming changes we’ve mentioned here are significant but also represent just the tip of the iceberg as far as what’s coming in The Events Calendar and its suite of premium add-ons. Version 4.0 marks a new era and sets the stage for a ton of new ideas we have in the works that we’re excited to let you know about in due time. We hope this gives you a good idea of what’s coming and that you’re just as stoked as we are for what’s ahead!