Announcing WP Sandbox as Part of Modern Tribe

Have you seen WP Sandbox? It’s this handy service that spins up a hosted WordPress site as easily as those 1-click install options offered by some hosts. The difference is that there’s no host and no domain needed. We’re big fans and use it often here on the team.

In fact, we’re such fans that WP Sandbox is now part of the Modern Tribe family.

Meet WP Sandbox đź‘‹

WP Sandbox is a powerful tool with a direct purpose: create a WordPress site in a single click. Or lots of them! Creating a new site is so trivial that it almost seems too good to be true.

That’s why “sandbox” is such an excellent way to describe it. With a single click, a new site can be used to test ideas, share feedback, try plugins, and troubleshoot issues. We literally use it to test all of our plugin updates, including The Events Calendar, Event Tickets, and each premium add-ons. WP Sandbox streamlines the way we work by allowing us to confirm reported issues in a live environment and facilitate the back-and-forth between our development and quality assurance teams.

But the real bread-and-butter of WP Sandbox is demos. By supporting templated WordPress configurations, customers can quickly make a new site and gain access to the WordPress admin. For example, we could create a template that includes Events Calendar Pro. That way, folks like yourself are able to try the add-on before purchasing it. Plus, sites can be set to automatically destroy after a set amount of time. That makes it easy to manage and maintain the number of demos that are in the wild.

Pretty neat, right? We hope you can already see just how handy and special WP Sandbox is for companies like us and the customers who use our products.

What’s next

Even though the benefits of WP Sandbox are well-established, we know this might look like an odd pairing. Calendars and testing environments aren’t exactly two peas in a pod.

If it looks like we’re getting into the hosted WordPress space — Ă  la — we’re not. In fact, we have no immediate plans for WP Sandbox beyond how we already use it. We may eventually do more down the road and we’ll certainly let you know if we do.

In the meantime, please join us in welcoming WP Sandbox to the family! And, if you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, reach out and we’d be happy to set you up.