Release: The Events Calendar 3.5.1 (hotfix)

Hey everyone! After we launched the 3.5 updates to our entire plugin suite last week, we had some reports from users of a few problems that slipped through our QA process. These were significant enough issues that we wanted to patch them now instead of wait for April’s maintenance build, so we just pushed out The Events Calendar 3.5.1. Changes in this hotfix are:

  • Fixed a bug where default events view dropdown on Settings page did not reflect the actual current default events view
  • Addressed poor display issues related to how week view rendered events on sites where the end of the day cutoff was set to midnight (thanks to Andy Fragen on the forums for catching this!)
  • Patched a problem where events in both a parent and child category would display multiple times in list view (thanks to Quentin for catching this one!)
  • Fixed an issue where tribe-events-full.css caused blog post titles to disappear for some users (thanks to Cynthia on the forums for the original report here!)

Please note that The Events Calendar was the only plugin to receive a 3.5.1 update; all the rest of our plugins remain on 3.5 for now. If you reported another bug that has not been addressed by this hotfix, please know we’re working hard to patch those for our April maintenance release (and that we appreciate your patience in the interim).

Noticing a quirk in 3.5.1? Hit us up in the forums and we’ll do our best to get you sorted from there.