Things to be aware of in version 4.1 of The Events Calendar, Event Tickets, and premium add-ons

We’re putting the finishing touches on version 4.1 of The Events Calendar, Event Tickets, and all our premium and are stoked to get everything in your hands here shortly. In the meantime, we thought you’d like a high level overview of what’s coming so that you know what to expect and can start planning for the update.

These are the new features and changes we’re rolling out in 4.1:

1. Custom attendee data

This feature has been in development (and a popular feature request) for a very long time, so it should go without saying that we are extremely pleased to deliver it.

So what is it? In previous versions of Event Tickets Plus, it was impossible to assign details about attendees on a per-ticket basis. In fact, the only information you had about a sold ticket was who purchased it, and that was not always helpful since a transaction with multiple tickets all contained the same name, not to mention billing address and such.

This new feature changes that. You can now add custom fields to collect any additional data you need when customers purchase tickets or RSVP. We also make this data available in the attendee export so you can easily get access to the data you collect. If you are an event planner, then you know what a big deal this will be for making sure your event runs smoothly.

2. Global ticket stock

This has been another long-running feature request that we’re excited to ship.

Do you have events with a fixed number of tickets, but you want to sell different types of tickets? Now you can set a total inventory of tickets available for sale and the purchase of each ticket type will pull from that global stock. No more guessing how many tickets you need to sell of each ticket type!

3. Public attendee list

Let’s say 15 people have RSVP’d for your event and you’d like to show that off so others know who else will be attending? With Event Tickets you can enable a public attendee list for people who RSVP or buy tickets (via Event Tickets Plus) to your event.

4. Event recurrence on a specific date

Our free-form recurring event recurrence patterns are getting even more flexible. This feature will enable Events Calendar PRO users to specify a single day or a bunch of specific days that your event will recur. Adding your own instances independent of pattern is truly as flexible as it gets, so enjoy!

5. Performance improvements with lots of organizers / venues

We’ve some reports where sites with lots of events were experiencing slowness when those events contain many organizers and venues. Version 4.1 wisely uses a lazy loading technique to make the speed and performance of these events much more pleasant for everyone.

6. Eventbrite image sync and import search

Those of you running Eventbrite Tickets may have noticed that assigning images to an event can be a bit hairy. It used to take setting up the event in Eventbrite first, then importing the event into WordPress, but that changes with 4.1. You can now add your event image in WordPress or in Eventbrite and have that carry over to the other.

Bonus: You can now search your existing Eventbrite events and select which events to import directly from the WordPress admin—no more fumbling around with Eventbrite IDs or event URLs.

7. Advanced Post Manager compatibility with tickets

For anyone running Events Calendar PRO and Event Tickets Plus, you can take advantage of Advanced Post Manager to see things like event cost and ticket stock in your list of events. You can also setup predefined filters on ticket stock as well.

8. A bunch of bug fixes and tweaks

There are a bunch of critical bug fixes in this release. When building global stock, we took a long hard look at stock management in our plugin and have worked hard to make this much more consistent going forward. Beyond that, there are small, but important adjustments throughout the suite of plugins.

9. New action

Only one new action in this release:

The Events Calendar

  • tribe_events_month_daily_events_query_args

10. New filters

The Events Calendar

  • tribe_events_ical_feed_filename
  • tribe_events_month_daily_events_query_args

Event Tickets

  • event_tickets_rsvp_tickets_created
  • event_tickets_rsvp_tickets_generated_for_product
  • event_tickets_rsvp_tickets_generated

Community Events

  • tribe_events_community_category_dropdown_shown_item_count

11. Newly deprecated code

We have one deprecated action with 4.1 in Event Tickets Plus:

wootickets_generate_ticket_attendee has been deprecated in favor of event_tickets_woocommerce_ticket_created. The action parameters have changed to the following:

* Action fired when an attendee ticket is generated
* @var $attendee_id ID of attendee ticket
* @var $order_id WooCommerce order ID
* @var $product_id Product ID attendee is "purchasing"
* @var $order_attendee_id Attendee # for order
do_action( 'event_tickets_woocommerce_ticket_created', $attendee_id, $order_id, $product_id, $order_attendee_id );

12. Updated Views

We definitely want you to be aware of updated views, particularly those of you who have used template overrides in the past. We’ve updated markup in the following templates, so please do be sure to check your custom work against what’s new in 4.1 and test things out in a safe development environment to avoid any critical breakages.

The Events Calendar

  • src/views/list/nav.php

Events Calendar PRO

  • src/views/pro/widgets/mini-calendar-widget.php

Community Events

  • src/views/community/modules/recurrence.php

Community Tickets

  • src/views/community-tickets/modules/tickets.php

Eventbrite Tickets

  • src/views/eventbrite/eventbrite-meta-box-extension.php
  • src/views/eventbrite/import-eventbrite-events.php

Event Tickets

  • src/views/tickets/rsvp.php

Event Tickets Plus

  • src/views/attendees-list.php
  • src/views/eddtickets/tickets.php
  • src/views/shopptickets/tickets.php
  • src/views/wootickets/tickets.php
  • src/views/wpectickets/tickets.php

Thanks for reading and for supporting us to get here! We couldn’t be more thrilled with how things turned out and we hope everything in 4.1 makes your sites much better and your jobs way easier.