The Events Calendar 6.2.1


Maintenance Release

This version of The Events Calendar includes some accessibility improvements, fixes for 404 errors, artifacts on event tabs for multisite installations and cached widget views using incorrect filters.

As always, we recommend testing updates on a staging site first, but it should all be smooth sailing!

✨ New

New features included in this release:

  • Enhanced venue and organizer labels by updating aria labels with additional placeholders and revised translator comments, improving internationalization and accessibility.

✅ Fixed

Bugs that were squashed in this release:

  • Correct some accessibility issues in the subscribe dropdowns. Props to @alh0319 for calling these out!
  • In some cases when multiple Widgets were used on a page, the view results would return the wrong cache, displaying incorrect results. This fixes the inspection of the different view filters being used to determine whether it is cached or not.
  • Fixed a bug where 0 and 1 were displayed on the general and display tabs for Network admins on multisite installations.
  • WP Rewrite was being incorrectly initialized in some scenarios due to container DI, and causing some 404s. This was affecting classes that extend the Tribe__Rewrite.
  • Resolves a plugin integration bug that happens in certain scenarios with instantiating Firebase\JWT library classes. In these scenarios you would see a fatal error similar to Uncaught TypeError: TEC\Common\Firebase\JWT\JWT::getKey(): Return value must be of type TEC\Common\Firebase\JWT\Key, OpenSSLAsymmetricKey returned.
  • Broken UI on the WYSIWYG field in the Additional Content section of the admin display settings.

⚙️ Developers

New or updated hooks:

  • New Hooks: tribe_organizer_label_singular_lowercase, tribe_venue_label_singular_lowercase.

ℹ️ Changes

Templates that have changed in this release:

  • Changed views: blocks/parts/organizer, blocks/parts/subscribe-list, modules/meta/organizer, modules/meta/venue, v2/components/subscribe-links/item, v2/components/subscribe-links/list, v2/components/subscribe-links/single-event-list

🗣 Translations

Updated language files and strings:

  • 1 new strings added.
  • 28 updated.
  • 1 fuzzied.
  • 8 obsoleted.