Release: Version 3.2 of The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO + all add-ons

Well folks, the year is winding down and as you all get into the habit of putting on a sweater with your morning coffee and loosening your belts for the inevitable flood of seasonal culinary delights, we’ve got a surprise: our monthly maintenance release for November 2013. Any second now you’ll be noticing update prompts for version 3.2 of all the following plugins —

  • The Events Calendar
  • Events Calendar PRO
  • Community Events
  • Facebook Events
  • Eventbrite Tickets
  • WooCommerce Tickets

Here’s what you can expect in each…

The Events Calendar 3.2

  • Incorporated the much-fabled CSV importer! Import CSV files directly into your The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO site (for an overview on how to use it, read this)
  • Implemented code requesting that search engines do not index calendar pages that have no events to display
  • Addressed a number of Twenty Thirteen theme compatibility fixes
  • Improved how date and time are displayed on single event entries for single day events (thanks to Robin for the heads up!)
  • Added a suggestion by the Organizer email field to obfuscate email addresses published on your site (thanks, Thea, for requesting this on our UserVoice page!)
  • Improved compliance with PHP strict standards (thanks to Bryan in the forums for making this request!)
  • Added more flexible formatting options for event schedule details
  • Incorporated a fix to improve behaviors of the tribe_is_month() template tag (thanks to jhned at the forums for this report!)
  • Added a fix for when “show events in main blog loop” option disrupts certain static home pages (thanks to yorkshiretots for reporting this on the forum!)
  • Added a fix for when the “show events in main blog loop” option disrupts the product listing on WooCommerce storefront for certain users (thanks to forge for the first report on this!)
  • Fixed an issue with broken commenting that appeared on some templates (thanks to Tom for first reporting this at the PRO forums!)
  • Added ability to create recurring events that happen every 5th occurrence of a day in the month; e.g., every 5th Sunday (thanks to gregwiley for the original report!)
  • Fixed an issue where future recurring events displayed as having passed when object caching is enabled (a big thanks to Ray for first bringing this up on the forums!)
  • Fixed the calculation used for determining all events in a month, which was causing the last day of multi-day events to be incorrectly left off (thanks to paracleteweb for first reporting this at the forums!)
  • Added code to make sure tribe_show_month() won’t break any event views that come after it (thanks to our friend Big on the forums for the first report of this!)
  • Incorporated a number of enhancements to ease compatibility with Easy Digital Downloads (thanks for all your help, Pippin!)
  • Removed a PHP notice that arose when querying from events and other post types at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where inaccurate draft counts were appearing on the backend events list (thanks to Neil on the forums for the first report!)
  • Incorporated updated Icelandic translation by Baldvin Berndsen
  • Various minor bug and security fixes

Events Calendar PRO 3.2

  • Incorporated code to allow for recurring events with no end date (just set “Never” under the appropriate dropdown when setting up your recurrence pattern!)
  • Added settings to limit the number of recurring event instances that will be created; instances beyond this will be automatically created on a rolling basis
  • Fixed a bug where instances of recurring events would sometimes disappear on certain database configurations
  • Tackled a bug where making an event sticky while breaking it from a series would create many copies of the event
  • Fixed the canonical URL on recurring events when object caching is enabled (thanks to Kevin on the forums for the initial report!)
  • Patched a bug where events with a small time span were not displaying properly in week view
  • Addressed a number of compatibility/aesthetic issues with the Twenty Thirteen theme
  • Fixed a translation issue relating to day view (thanks to dimitrilongo for the initial report!)
  • Fixed an issue with day view not respecting the timezone selection in WordPress’ General settings
  • Updated the mini calendar widget to not break event views, when the widget appears before the content
  • Fixed an issue where the iCal button rendered on views that have no events
  • Addressed an issue where events section on single event page showed unrelated events as being Related
  • Incorporated text to make explanation for “Recurring event instances” setting clearer
  • Fixed an issue with venue descriptions sometimes not displaying on single venue view
  • Patched a bug where the Additional Fields link ceases to function in certain non-English languages (thanks to Oliver on the forums for his report!)
  • Fixed a bug where the pin marker in map view sometimes showed in the middle of the world (thanks to overseen in the forums for first reporting this!)
  • Incorporated code so day view now uses its own template part for single event (instead of using list view’s)
  • Fixed an iCal export issue where sometimes incorrect event dates showed in the .ics file
  • Fixed an error that was making the location search fail in some installs
  • Addressed an issue related to i18n for the mini calendar widget
  • Patched a notice for PHP 5.3.20
  • Various minor bug and security fixes

Community Events 3.2

  • Fixed a bug where recurring event instances were not visible on the “My Events” list under certain settings
  • Fixed a handful of minor PHP notices
  • Added a minor improvement to recurrence settings fieldset display
  • Fixed a bug where the datepicker was huge in some themes
  • Template overrides for Community Events in your theme should now all be inside the [your-theme]/tribe-events/community directory; a deprecated notice will be generated if they are directly in the [your-theme]/tribe-events folder
  • Incorporated updated French translation files, courtesy of Ali Senhaji
  • Various minor bug and security fixes

Facebook Events 3.2

  • Adjusted the size of event featured image requested upon import to pull the maximum file size possible (thanks to Thomas on the forums for first reporting this!)
  • Incorporated new French translation files, courtesy of Ali Senhaji
  • Various minor bug and security fixes

Eventbrite Tickets 3.2

  • Switched to JSON format for Eventbrite API requests to ensure formatting passes through properly
  • Ensured line breaks are preserved when sending events to Eventbrite (thanks to user timelesstime for reporting this on the forums!)
  • Ensured apostrophes in organizer names do not break Eventbrite API requests (thanks to rocketpop for the original report!)
  • Added a notice for when an event update or creation is rejected by Eventbrite for no specified reason (thanks to Jared for bringing this to our attention!)
  • Ensured our Eventbrite requests won’t break when invalid HTML is passed through the editor
  • Fixed cost field sometimes being marked as required for free events
  • Eventbrite Tickets will now allow events to be saved to Eventbrite without a venue!
  • Various minor bug and security fixes

WooCommerce Tickets 3.2

  • Fixed how we are inserting the tickets email to prevent errors
  • Added a “resend tickets” option in the WooCommerce order edit screen (thanks to emmajanedavies on the forum for first reporting this!)
  • Various minor bug and security fixes

What’s next? We’re glad you asked, because it’s a ton of great stuff. Beyond moving ahead with next month’s maintenance release — the last of 2013! — and some new documentation to better support this one, we’ve got a handful of new plugins we hope to have out the door and in your hands over the coming weeks: Filter Bar, along with two (maybe three) new ticketing solutions. Stay tuned for news on that front. In the meantime…finding a bug in the new release or noticing a quirk you’re unsure about? Hit us up in the forum.