Release: The Events Calendar 2.0.7

Today marks quite a release day here at Modern Tribe: we’ve pushed out The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO 2.0.7, and updates to both our Community Events (1.0.1) and Eventbrite Tickets (1.0.1) add-ons. Even though it’s just a monthly maintenance release, 2.0.7 includes — along with the basic bug fixes — a few new translation files and a couple neat features to tide you over until 2.1. It also is the first release t0 official support our soon-to-launch Facebook Events add-on. 

On that note…you’re going to need 2.0.7 to run any and all of the add-ons released today. Make sure you update accordingly and that you don’t get the new add-on code if you aren’t yet ready to snag 2.0.7.

Release Notes for WordPress Events Calendar 2.0.7:

Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

  • As requested by the masses…added AJAX functionality to mini calendar widget for navigating forward/backward from month to month (PRO only).
  • Incorporated “Events” menu to the admin bar, featuring Events-specific options and integrating with Modern Tribe add-ons.
  • Added new App Shop link to Events admin menu / admin bar menu to view and download other Modern Tribe plugins & add-ons.
  • Added audit info metabox to admin (just enable it by adding define(‘TRIBE_SHOW_EVENT_AUDITING’, true); to your wp-config file).
  • Included new Swedish translation files (free & PRO), courtesy of Ben Andersen.
  • Included new Spanish translation files (free & PRO), courtesy of Hector at Signo Creativo.

Bug Fixes:

  • Google Calendar import now works and truncates appropriately for extremely long event listings (thanks for the fix, Andy Fragen!)
  • Fixed settings page slug so as not to break backwards compatibility
  • Got rid of a superfluous daily query of events that was running for once-per-day every month-view load, thereby improving overall load speed
  • Tweaked a bug where TribeEvents::uglyLink() was missing ‘day’
  • A message is now displayed in place of the events-slug boxes when a user does not have pretty permalinks enabled.
  • Next/previous links no longer navigate in order of event ID when pretty permalinks are disabled.
  • Contributors are now able to create recurring events.
  • Fixed an issue with single quotes getting converted to funky characters upon saving on Additional Fields and other Settings –> The Events Calendar tabs.
  • Addressed various other bugs with the Additional Fields tab in Settings –> The Events Calendar. 
  • Tiny patch to help integrate with the Duotive theme.
  • Fixed category rewrite slug issue that occurred with certain permalink structures.

Thanks again to everyone who helped identify a bug or provide a translation file for this release. If you notice any issues that we missed in this latest code, let us know. 

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  1. I just updated and now I am getting spinning ball with the widget calendar. Directly related to this update!
    “…added AJAX functionality to mini calendar widget for navigating forward/backward from month to month (PRO only).”
    Works in large calendar….
    please advise.

    1. seems to be grabbing the wrong URL for link…

      1. Hi there siouxsie. Thanks for the note on this. Have you tested whether this is a conflict of some kind with another plugin or the theme? I don’t doubt that there is an issue here but I’m entirely unable to recreate it on my default 2011 install. I would suggest resaving your permalinks, then deactivating your other plugins one-by-one to see if we can see what’s up. If that doesn’t work you’d want to try reverting to the default 2011 theme. (A testing environment would be the perfect place to do all this so as not to impact your live site).

        If you do that and it persists as an issue, we definitely would appreciate you creating a thread on the PRO forums so I can get the devs to take a look from there. The forum where you’d want to post is at Thanks again and apologies for the inconvenience in the interim.

      2. Hi, thanks for your wonderful events calendar plugin. Do you have a shortcode I can use to display the full calendar on my page?


      3. Hey Jonathan. Thanks for the note here; while we don’t have shortcodes for this plugin, we do use template tags which generally allow for the same degree of flexibility. Check out our documentation on that end right here: Let us know if you’re still having questions from there.

      4. I have the same issue as siouxsie on a site I’m working on, have to test it a bit more since you say you cant recreate it, but any pointers would be helpful.

      5. Hey Torstein. We can definitely try to help out; I have had a few reports of this so it’s possible there is an error or a problem we added (though the fact that we cannot recreate it makes it difficult to diagnose). Do you have an example where we can see this in action?

      6. Hi,
        hm, strange, there is no “reply”-link beneath your reply to my reply…? Well, anyways:

        The ajax-widget-calendar-thingie is originally on a page you need to be logged in to see, but I can make a public page so you can see it and mail you a link, what address should I send it to?

  2. Hi there, I thought I’d drop a line to let you know that we’ve run the update and the events calendar pro disappeared! We only have the events calendar now and I don’t what’s best to do now… Will I re-install the events calendar pro or is there an alternative do you think? Thanks a mill 🙂

    1. Hi Laura. Oh no! That is definitely not the intended behavior. Are you saying Events Calendar PRO was deleted off the site entirely? What version were you updating from?

      Remember that you can always re-download the plugin here on the site (under Account Central -> Downloads), but what you experienced shouldn’t have happened in the first place. If you can let me know some more detail on it I can try to troubleshoot accordingly on my end. Apologies for the inconvenience thus far.

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