Release: The Events Calendar 2.0.6

To start off the new month, we’ve got a small update to The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO that has just gone live. 2.0.6 is a pretty small release that was mainly pushed because it includes the code needed to run the Community Events add-on, which should be live by the end of the week. In addition to Community integration, 2.0.6 includes the following.

Release Notes for WordPress Events Calendar 2.0.6:

Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

  • Adjusted the Settings API so it now saves on page load and then redirects back to the page
  • add_cap()s are now wrapped in an if-statement
  • Added proper indentation and spacing to the Events Calendar PRO source files

Bug Fixes:

  • Additional fields no longer wiped when saving changes to events/settings pages
  • Plugin now removes newlines and carriage returns in the process of saving line-separated options for custom links
  • Reviewed/improved $_POST and $_GET variables after a security audit to make sure they’re sanitized before output/saving to the database (to prevent mySQL injects and/or cross-site scripting vulnerabilities)

The next release, 2.0.7, should be out over the coming weeks. Please let us know if you encounter any bugs or problems that appear to have been introduced in 2.0.6 so we can get them taken care of with haste.

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  1. I just updated to 2.0.6 and it seems to have affected the display of events that I’m calling to my homepage. Was there a change to the formatting of event post content that would make the event require more width to display?

    If you look at our homepage you can see the upcoming events have been pushed down the right side of the page. Here’s the code I use to call events in the next 30 days on to my homepage (

    $current_date,’end_date’=>$end_date,’posts_per_page’=>10) );

    foreach($get_posts as $post) { setup_postdata($post); ?>

    <a href="” id=”post-“>
    <a href="”>ID, true, ‘M j, Y’); ?>

    1. Hey Shamsher, sorry to hear about the issues. There should not have been anything in the update that would have caused this. Can you please paste the code in at or instead so I can look at your code? It looks like you should just need to make some minor CSS changes and this should fix things. For example if you remove the padding on #upcomingevents that will put the sidebar on the homepage back in the right place.

      Perhaps you modified the events.css file in plugin folder instead of creating your own copy? If you did then this could be the problem because the plugins events.css file will be overwritten every time you update.

      I hope that helps!

  2. Hey Jonah, thanks for the advice. I’ve tried reducing the padding on #upcomingevents to no avail. Here’s the upcoming events call code:

    1. $current_date,’end_date’=>$end_date,’posts_per_page’=>10) );

      foreach($get_posts as $post) { setup_postdata($post); ?>

      <a href="” id=”post-“>
      <a href="”>ID, true, ‘M j, Y’); ?>

    2. Sorry, the javascript embed doesn’t seem to be displaying here. But not to worry, I seem to have fixed the problem with the CSS tweaks you recommended. Thanks again and sorry to make a mess of your comments thread!

  3. I’m having a major formatting issue as well with the new release, but I just discovered it and was hoping someone else had an answer before I dug into the code to figure out what is wrong. For the time being I will need to roll back to the previous release.

    1. Hey Jen. What is the issue? This is a pretty minor release without a lot of changes to it, so I’m surprised it would cause a formatting issue (especially a severe one). Are you sure it was this release that caused it, and not another plugin update (or other code changes)? Any chance we can see the issue and/or get a link to look at?

      If so, please post this on the forums – rather than as a comment here – so we can best serve you in getting it resolved.

  4. It appears to be a case of the my chosen custom template being replaced in the settings by the default. (I didn’t do it — I assume it occurred during the update.) I got the hint as to the source of the problem in another forum, and that ended up being my solution, to go into Settings and restore the correct template.

    1. Ah, thanks for confirming Jen. So you’re saying it reverted to something like the Default Page or Default Events Template in the Events plugin here, despite you having set it to something different earlier?

      1. Yes, it reverted to “Default Events Template” instead of my custom template. But since I updated WP at roughly the same time as the plugin, I’m not sure exactly what caused the reset.

  5. Hi, I just updated to the new version of this and all of a sudden, the Events links that get automatically posted on my frontpage are now gone. Even the event details pages. However, when I’m logged in as “admin” onto my WP site, view the frontpage again, I’m able to see them. I’m also running WordPress version 3.3.2.
    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Les. Thanks for the note here, and sorry to hear that you’re having issues. What you’ve noted is certainly not the core behavior of the plugin and I’m not seeing it on my end either…which makes me think something else is at play here. Here are a few suggestions right off the bat:

      * It could be a permalinks-related issue. Resave your permalinks page to reset them.
      * Make sure you’re running the latest version of the plugin (2.0.6). If you use PRO, make sure both releases are 2.0.6 as they need to be in sync to run properly.
      * Try to identify whether this is a conflict with another plugin. You can do so easily by deactivating any other plugins you’ve got active and checking whether the issue persists.
      * If it isn’t a plugin conflict, it may be a theme one. If after deactivating all other plugins the issue persists, please revert to the default 2011 theme and test whether it’s an issue there.

      Can you give that a go and let me know the results, and confirm whether you’re on The Events Calendar or Events Calendar PRO? We can try to help you out from there.

      1. Thanks for your advice, Rob! By disabling some of my plugins, I was able to get that Events Calendar (non-pro version) to show up!

      2. Great to hear you got this resolved, Les. Out of curiosity: what was the conflicting plugin? Always good to know where problems arise so I can advise other users down the road…no big deal if you don’t remember or have that information handy though.

  6. Hi, just downloaded your plugin and love it.
    I want to use a different language (Croatian) so I’ve made
    but I’m not sure what’s next?
    Please help.

    1. Hi there Igor. So long as you’ve completed the translation files appropriately, you should just need to go into your wp-config file and change the WPLANG to hr_HR. Let me know if you’re still having issues from there.

      Also, I see that we don’t currently have an official translation to Croatian. If you would be willing to give us the files you created we’ll add them to the code so others can use them as well…and if you wanted to translate PRO, too, I’d be happy to comp you a free license in exchange for your efforts. Let me know if you’re game.

      1. hi, yes it’s ok now…. I’ve finished translating front end, and when I finish all you will have Croatian translation.

  7. Hey Rob, I am still having trouble with the event has passed bug in 2.0.6. I have noticed that sometimes when I add a new event it seems to work fine. But then this morning when adding an event for this weekend 5.12.12 it shows event has passed and on the front end it displays the current day/time as the scheduled event date / time. It also shows updated on 4.15.12 which is weird because the event was just added today. Wondering if this has to do with the fact that it is the same venue/address/event name as a previous event that has actually passed?

    Back end –
    Front end –

    1. Hey Charlie. Thanks for the note and sorry to hear that you’re still having issues with this. I think I’m going to need to take a look at the site’s backend to try and identify this, if that’d be alright with you. (I won’t change anything; just want to look around). You think that’d be OK? If so, would you mind sending a set of admin credentials over to me at pro /a/ I can take a look this afternoon or over the weekend as needed, to try and get this cleared up for you. My apologies for the inconvenience in the interim though.

  8. Hi Rob – I updated to 2.0.6 yesterday. I’ve been using PRO since my site went live 2 months ago. I updated a couple other plugins at the same time, but haven’t installed any new themes or plugins. My upcoming events widget is working fine, however my events calendar is not showing up at all. Any suggestions?

  9. Hey guys just wanted to let you know that you should list code changes in notes like additional or changes role names.
    I had an issue of people not being able to add events because I has a role limiting plug-in to make sure only the right people can make updates to the calendar. This update I had to add the new role user that was newly created with this update. Only after embarrassingly being called by the user that they could no longer add an event to the calendar.
    Otherwise love the software!

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