Release: Events 3.0.2 / Events PRO 3.0.4 / Add-ons 3.0.1

While we still haven’t “officially” announced the 3.0 releases, many folks have seen the upgrade prompts and have initiated anyway. So this may be the hardest “soft launch” in the history of soft launches. But since the cat is out of the bag and we’ve released a couple small maintenance builds already, I did want to get a post up here clearly outlining the specifics of what was released this morning.

Here’s what came out:

  • The Events Calendar 3.0.2
  • Events Calendar PRO 3.0.4
  • WooCommerce Tickets 3.0.1
  • Eventbrite Tickets 3.0.1
  • Community Events 3.0.1
  • Facebook Events 3.0.1

The Events Calendar 3.0.2

  • Fixed bug with queries that included more than one post type. This should resolve issues with “Link to Existing Content” in the WordPress editor, attaching media to posts from the Media Library, and relationship fields in the Advanced Custom Fields plugin (thanks to users KARKS88 and ANDYWILMOT for catching this!)
  • Fixed 404 in page title on month view when no events are in the month, and other 404-related tweaks (thanks to CYNTHIA, JOHN and ELLAEARTH for catching these)
  • CSS files in the tribe-events directory of your theme are now loaded in addition to TEC css files, instead of replacing them
  • Removed Select2 dependency in the Tribe Bar
  • Fixed various issues with the Events List widget (thanks to DUVALDEMOCRATS and ZAVASTORONTO for the heads up)
  • Tag permalinks are no longer malformed in tag cloud widget and single event pages (thanks to MARC for catching this)
  • Addressed some previously non-translatable strings in the Tribe Bar
  • Long event costs no longer overflow the designed box in list view
  • Various minor bug fixes

Events Calendar PRO 3.0.4

  • CSS files in the tribe-events directory of your theme are now loaded in addition to ECP css files, instead of replacing them
  • Performance improvements to the plugin update engine
  • Improved handling of international characters in iCal exports (thanks to PAUSSUS for catching this)
  • Various bug fixes to the Events List and Events Calendar widgets
  • Improved location search results (thanks to BISDIGITAL for getting the discussion going on this)
  • Addressed some previously non-translatable strings in the Tribe Bar
  • Various minor bug fixes

WooCommerce Tickets 3.0.1

  • Fixed issue with ticket sales start and end date for some special date formats
  • Updated template override path to use tribe-events folder
  • Performance improvements to the plugin update engine

Eventbrite Tickets 3.0.1, Community Events 3.0.1, and Facebook Events 3.0.1

These releases contained no changes other than PUE / upgrade notification enhancements, to prevent unwanted/inaccurate update messaging when future updates are available.

Thanks to everyone for their support and patience as we ironed out this first batch of 3.0-centric bugs. If you find a bug wasn’t fixed that should be, or a new one has emerged upon updating, please create a new thread and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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  1. Hi Guys

    Events Calendar 3.0.2 – problem remains

    The initial update changed the 1) font size, 2) style and 3) didn’t allow the text hyper link to the specific event pages

    The latest update has fixed the bug of 3) but not 1) & 2) it still changes the font style and font size (much bigger) and it doesn’t match the font of the rest of the page and posts standard template.

    It seems as though it is trying to override the main template. Corlaine 1.4.1 with WP 3.5.2 exists

    Could you look at our site and you will see what I mean and advise the way forward

    Many thanks.

    Is this a bug you are still working on?

    1. Hey again southernboyuk. I just replied to your other comment as well, but I want to both thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience you’ve faced here. While it does sound like the issues you’ve reported of the styling and font size might be more specific to your installation than the core plugin, we are committed to helping you get those sorted.

      That said, please understand that comments on these posts are not the best method for us to accomplish that (and is why it takes longer than it should for us to get you a resolution). If you can bring those issues to the appropriate forum we’d be happy to do our best to get them addressed for you.

  2. I am finding the Event Hyperlink’s for events in your Calender view does not work, unless you have a featured image and click on the actual image.

    For example if I have an event called mai-tais on August 11th, and I hover over it getting the pop up text then click on the text. it brings me to a subpage called 2013-08-11, which does not exist.
    But if I have a featured image, and I click on the actual featured image, and not the text it brings me to the proper page.

    1. Parkadmin: odd; that should definitely not be occurring and yours is admittedly the first report I’ve seen of it. Are you running just the core The Events Calendar, or do you have PRO as well? Can you confirm that you’ve flushed your permalinks and find this issue persists even from there?

      If you browse the forum (at and find no existing thread on this matter exists, feel free to open a new one and we’ll do our best to help you as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience so far.

  3. Just got the updated version and it seems that on the “Events Template” the top menu is no longer available and if I pick a different template from the wordpress template the menu comes back but then on the activities page the activities only fill 1/4 of the page and is squished.

    1. Craig: are these issues occurring for you in a default Twenty Twelve install as well, or are they specific to a given theme? If you could open a new thread on the forums and let us know in doing so the answer to that question, it’d be greatly appreciated. If there is a given theme causing the problem let us know what it is and we’ll try to recreate ourselves.

      As goes for everyone else on here, thanks a ton for your patience in the interim.

  4. The RECENT UPDATE IS BROKEN! failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /nfs/c01/h12/mnt/44635/domains/ on line 423

    What does this mean? Everything was functioning for maybe a month…with woocommerce.

    I am on the edge of using a different plugin all together. I just can’t believe how many changes that are happening and effecting the payment process. If it is not one thing it is another.

    1. Hi isytes. Thanks for the note here, and I’m so sorry to hear about the inconvenience you’ve faced. Know that while we’d hate to see you go, if you do feel like you’d prefer to use another stable of plugins (as your note suggests) – please let me know so I can get you a refund for the products you’ve purchased so far. That would allow you to take whatever funds you’ve paid and apply them towards a solution that would better meet your needs.

      That said, the bug you’ve reported here does sound like one we’ve been dealing with over at the forums. If you check out the comments here ( they should get you where you need to be temporarily as we patch the plugin itself. A fix along those lines should be released in an impending maintenance build.

  5. I updated Eventbrite Tickets to 3.0.1 as prompted by WordPress – it then deleted Eventbrite Tickets from my plugins and I had to reinstalled v3.0

    1. Hey gisscounts. The only real situation where I could see that happening is if you installed it in a folder with a different name than the folder of the version already installed (that will force deactivation once the update itself completes). Could that be what’s at play here?

  6. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the reply, I have previously put this problem on your forum but it didn’t have a reply, hence I re commented here. The thing is the problem wasn’t there before the upgrade and I am sorry my expertise doesn’t allow me to download the old version until the problem is fixed.I noticed today someone else is having the same issue.

    I also asked a couple of questions re weekly events (i.e every Sat) showing every day of teh week on the calendar and whether I needed to upgrade to have this facility or not. I haven’t seen any replies from you yet Rob so I’m not sure where you posted them as I normally get notified.There’re not on the WP main support forum either.


    1. Hey SouthernBoyUK. Thanks for the follow-up here. Did you post your comments here on the PRO forum, or over at ? The latter we’re taking limited passes on, especially as the PRO user support load is so high. But if you posted on the PRO forums and didn’t get a response let me know and I’ll track those down.

  7. Rob,

    I have realized after much trial and error that it was the theme I had installed, I was using Setlist
    By Gorilla Themes. I have since gone to the WordPress default and your Calender is working like a pro. Is there any themes the you recommend? The Calendar widget is the most important part of our site, but I also would like the site to look great and I find 2012 is limited

    1. Excellent to hear that you got it figured out, parkadmin! You raise a good question here. I know that anecdotally, from what I’ve seen on the forums in my time there, that a lot of the WooThemes tend to integrate pretty well with our plugins. I also know that a couple theme devs (Jake Caputo and Kriesi come to mind) have provided us copies of their themes to test on and we found those integrated fairly smoothly as well. One of our former support members, Jonah, used a Genesis child theme for all his work and didn’t have any problems there. (That said, there have been users reporting some Genesis-centric problems with 3.0; so you may need to have a bit of dev knowledge to get it working the way you want to there).

      I will also note that the themes folks should try and avoid – or at least, be cautious when approaching – are those that rely heavily on AJAX. Our plugin relies heavily on AJAX; running on a theme that does the same adds another layer of complexity mixing it with other ajax systems. That said, a good developer has tons of custom events from our plugin to hook into, and we actually did design the system so that this mixing could occur.

      Lastly: there are three themes we know for a fact don’t integrate with 3.0 properly: those are Headway, Striking and Squared.

      I hope that helps and sorry I couldn’t offer anything more specific. If you have further questions, please let me know.

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