Release: Event Tickets 4.6, Event Tickets Plus 4.6, The Events Calendar 4.6.4 and Community Tickets 4.5

We’ve polished up Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus in version 4.6! This version hooks you up with major user interface improvements.

Ready to see what we’ve improved under the hood? On to the specifics!

Please note: On this release our developers revamped some of (see below) the Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus front-end views, it is important that if you have any customization for these views to take a look and make sure they are still functional with the given changes.

New Actions

  • Event Tickets: tribe_events_tickets_metabox_edit_advanced, tribe_events_tickets_ticket_table_add_tbody_column, tribe_events_save_tickets_settings, tribe_events_tickets_capacity, tribe_events_tickets_post_capacity, tribe_events_tickets_pre_ticket_list, tribe_events_tickets_post_ticket_list, tribe_events_tickets_new_ticket_buttons, tribe_events_tickets_new_ticket_warnings, tribe_events_tickets_after_new_ticket_panel, tribe_events_tickets_pre_edit, tribe_events_tickets_metabox_edit_main, tribe_events_tickets_metabox_edit_accordion_content, tribe_events_tickets_post_accordion, tribe_events_tickets_bottom, tribe_events_tickets_bottom_right, tribe_events_tickets_ticket_table_add_header_column, tribe_ticket_order_field, tribe_events_tickets_settings_content, tribe_events_tickets_metabox_edit_advanced
  • Event Tickets Plus: tribe_events_tickets_metabox_edit_ajax_advanced

New Filters

  • Event Tickets: tribe_event_ticket_decimal_point, tribe_tickets_default_ticket_capacity_type, tribe_tickets_rsvp_send_mail, tribe_tickets_show_description, tribe_tickets_ajax_refresh_tables, tribe_tickets_ajax_refresh_settings, tribe_events_tickets_metabox_edit_attendee, tribe_tickets_get_default_module, tribe_tickets_total_event_capacity
  • Event Tickets Plus: tribe_events_tickets_module_name, tribe_tickets_get_default_module, tribe_events_tickets_woo_display_ecommerce_links

Newly-Deprecated Code

Event Tickets

  • Removed filters: tribe_events_tickets_attendees_url
  • Removed actions: tribe_events_tickets_metabox_advanced, event_tickets_ticket_list_after_ticket_name, tribe_events_tickets_metabox_pre

Event Tickets Plus

  • Removed filters: tribe_events_tickets_woo_display_sku
  • Removed actions: wootickets_after_, wootickets_after_save_ticket

Updated Views

Event Tickets

  • tickets/email
  • tickets/rsvp

Event Tickets Plus

  • eddtickets/tickets
  • meta
  • wootickets/tickets


Ready to explore the details of this release? On to the changelogs!

The Events Calendar 4.6.4

  • Tweak – Timepicker is now part of Tribe Common, it was removed from The Events Calendar
  • Tweak – Required changes to make the plugin compatible with version 4.6 of Event Tickets
  • Language – 10 new strings added, 167 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

Event Tickets 4.6

  • New – Fully redesigned ticket editor interface
  • New – Ticket description is now optional for frontend display
  • New – Updated time pickers for start and end sale
  • New – Improved clarity around ticket availability
  • New – Filter default capacity type with tribe_tickets_default_ticket_capacity_type
  • New — Introduced new filters allowing fine-grained insertion into the ticket editor: tribe_events_tickets_metabox_edit_advanced, tribe_events_tickets_post_capacity, tribe_events_tickets_pre_ticket_list, tribe_events_tickets_post_ticket_list, tribe_events_tickets_new_ticket_buttons, tribe_events_tickets_pre_edit, tribe_events_tickets_metabox_edit_main, tribe_events_tickets_metabox_edit_accordion_content, tribe_events_tickets_post_accordion, tribe_ticket_order_field
  • Tweak – Renamed “stock” to “capacity”
  • Tweak – Changed minimum supported version of WordPress to 4.5
  • Language – 57 new strings added, 152 updated, 4 fuzzied, and 26 obsoleted

Event Tickets Plus 4.6

  • New – Fully redesigned ticket editor interface
  • New – Ticket description is now optional for frontend display
  • New – Introduced “shared capacity” to replace “global stock”
  • New – Introduced “Sell up to” capacity field to replace “global stock with cap”
  • New – Improved helper text and error messages
  • New – Reorder tickets via drag and drop
  • New – Updated time pickers for start and end sale
  • New – Improved clarity around ticket availability
  • New – Total Event Capacity display
  • Add – a filter to change the default value for the option to show attendees on the event, tribe_tickets_plus_default_show_attendees_value
  • FixWoocommerce->get_attendees() and EDD->get_attendees() signatures now require the $attendees_query is a WP_Query to match the abstract method
  • Tweak – Made unlimited capacity an explicit option
  • Tweak – Changed ecommerce usage setting to per-event instead of per-ticket
  • Tweak – Changed minimum supported version of WooCommerce to 3.0
  • Tweak – Changed minimum supported version of WordPress to 4.5
  • Language – 41 new strings added, 67 updated, 2 fuzzied, and 13 obsoleted

Community Tickets 4.5

  • New – Ticket editor redesign from Event Tickets Plus 4.6
  • Tweak – Compatibility modifications to CSS and JavaScript to use new Tickets Editor
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 13 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Note for Release Candidate Users
We encourage everyone that installed the release candidate for The Events Calendar or the addons to install latest versions in order to receive plugin update notifications correctly in the future.

Thanks for your continued support! We hope this update makes your sites much better, your jobs way easier, and your overall experience using our plugins a breeze. Cheers to you on behalf of everyone here at Modern Tribe!