Hotfix Release: The Events Calendar

This is a quick update to the update (is that meta enough?!) we released moments ago. We discovered a breaking change in The Events Calendar 4.4.1 that caused a WordPress fatal error when custom stylesheets were being used with The Events Calendar.

For those who may not be familiar with the concept, The Events Calendar allows you to override the calendar’s CSS files to give you complete control over the plugin’s styles. This involves a process in which you create a folder in your theme directory and add your custom stylesheet, which the plugin then reads and gives preference above the one included in the plugin directory.

The fatal error was affecting those who have added a custom stylesheet to the plugin directory. Thankfully, this was reported very early in our support forums and our team was able to patch it up within the hour that Version 4.4.1 was originally released.

The Events Calendar is now available and ready to install. If anything, this hotfix release is a great reminder to test plugin updates in a safe development environment before installing it on a live production site.

Thanks to everyone who let us know about this issue so quickly so we could get a fix in your hands as soon as possible. We appreciate your help, as always!