Release: Eventbrite Tickets 3.9.3 + Facebook Events 3.9.4

Today we released Eventbrite Tickets 3.9.3 and Facebook Events 3.9.4! These releases don’t have a ton of frontend implications, but were rather substantial under-the-hood overhauls: Eventbrite Tickets is now using version 3.0 of the Eventbrite API (earlier builds were using API v1!), and Facebook Events has been updated to use Facebook API Graph v2.2.

Both updates are replacing prior API versions which are sunsetting as of TODAY (4/30/15). As a result users of both plugins should backup their sites + apply these updates when they can to ensure their Eventbrite + Facebook integrations continue working as intended.

If you’re using Eventbrite Tickets, keep in mind that the new API does require some configuration changes to use properly! The API User Key that previously connected your WordPress site to your Eventbrite account is no longer supported; instead, you will need to configure an Application Key + Client Secret to continue using the plugin. For an overview of the process please check out our Eventbrite configuration guide.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the new update! If you have any questions or problems, let us know at the forums.