Eventbrite Tickets 4.6.4

Hello, today’s update improves finding events created with The Events Calendar on Eventbrite. Specifically, it appeared that some of the events created in WordPress weren’t able to be found on Eventbrite.com when they were synced there. We definitely want to make sure events can be found both on your site and on Eventbrite, so we patched up what was going on.

This is a minor release that should be smooth sailing when updating. That said, it’s always a good idea to backup your site and test changes in a development environment before installing this on your live site, as you would with any other WordPress update.

Let’s get to the changelogs:

  • Tweak – Some events created in WordPress and synced to Eventbrite weren’t showing up in search results on Eventbrite. This was due to missing latitude/longitude coordinates on the event location. To resolve this, we are adding a notice when Events Calendar Pro is not activated to inform you about venue address inconsistencies on Eventbrite.
  • Tweak – Reduced file size by removing .po files and directing anyone creating or editing local translations to https://translations.theeventscalendar.com. See also: Translating Premium Plugins.
  • Changed views: eventbrite/eventbrite-meta-box-extension (non-breaking change)
  • Language1 new strings added, 27 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted