Event Tickets Plus 5.2


Feature Release

Big deal! You can now manually add and edit attendees directly from the Attendees Report screen, even assigning them specific tickets and RSVPs, and editing custom registration field information.

As with any WordPress update, you’ll want to take care when installing this latest release. Be sure to backup your database and files in advance, and, if you can, test first in a safe staging environment.

✨ New

Three new features make the ticket creation and attendee registration processes even smoother than before.

  • You can now add and edit attendees directly from the Attendees Report screen. Choose the ticket or RSVP and a ticket will be created and emailed to the attendee. You can even edit existing attendees and custom registration field values!
  • Tickets purchased via WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads are now generated through the new Event Tickets 5.1 Attendees API which provides more flexibility for adding and editing attendees at the code level.
  • There’s a new Orders ORM for setting up a corresponding WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads order for an attendee generated through the Attendees ORM.

✅ Fixed

We knocked out several bugs on this release.

  • We added a workaround for a potential WooCommerce fatal error that should carry things through to when WooCommerce 5.1 is released with an official fix.
  • We now always enforce an integer for the WooCommerce cart because some WooCommerce-related plugins may directly modify the cart contents and set the quantity to an unexpected format.
  • We’re ensuring that the registration form is prepared when it updates the persistent cookie the same way it is prepared for creating the cookie.
  • Attendee registration fields are properly retained when processing attendee registration information for storage.

ℹ️ Changes

We adjusted some things you should know about.

  • We’re handling currently selected values in the attendee registration field templates (v2) for the Birth Date, Radio, and Checkbox fields.
  • We’re allowing values for attendee registration fields to be provided at the code level so the fields can be pre-populated on render.
  • We’ve extended the attendees repository code from Event Tickets for Tribe Commerce and RSVPs so that meta integration is handled directly when an attendee is saved.

⚙️ Developers

A new function allows you to add and update ticket orders:

  • tribe_tickets_orders()

The following filters were added:

  • tribe_tickets_plus_manual_attendees_user_allowed_to_add
  • tribe_tickets_plus_manual_attendees_user_allowed_to_edit
  • tribe_tickets_plus_manual_attendees_add_capabilities
  • tribe_tickets_plus_manual_attendees_edit_capabilities
  • tribe_tickets_plus_manual_attendees_show_on_front
  • tribe_tickets_plus_meta_render_table_meta_data_orphaned_data
  • tribe_tickets_plus_repositories_traits_attendee_meta
  • tribe_tickets_manual_attendees_enabled

We also have a filter that disables ticket caching and resolves issues with certain hosting environments that cause tickets to show as sold out:

  • add_filter( 'tribe_tickets_ticket_object_is_ticket_cache_enabled', '__return_false' );

The following actions have been added:

  • event_tickets_woocommerce_tickets_generated
  • event_tickets_woocommerce_tickets_generated_for_product

The following filter has been deprecated:

  • wootickets_attendee_insert_args

We updated a lot of templates in this release for those of you with custom overrides:

  • attendees-list
  • eddtickets/tickets
  • login-to-purchase
  • meta
  • meta/birth
  • meta/checkbox
  • meta/datetime
  • meta/email
  • meta/number
  • meta/radio
  • meta/select
  • meta/telephone
  • meta/text
  • meta/url
  • tickets-plus/attendee-list-checkbox-rsvp
  • tickets-plus/attendee-list-checkbox-tickets
  • tickets-plus/email-qr
  • tickets-plus/orders-edit-meta
  • tickets-plus/orders-tickets
  • tpp/attendees-list-optout
  • v2/attendee-registration/button/back-to-cart
  • v2/attendee-registration/button/submit
  • v2/attendee-registration/content
  • v2/attendee-registration/content/attendees/content
  • v2/attendee-registration/content/attendees/error
  • v2/attendee-registration/content/attendees/fields
  • v2/attendee-registration/content/event
  • v2/attendee-registration/content/event/summary
  • v2/attendee-registration/content/event/summary/description
  • v2/attendee-registration/content/event/summary/title
  • v2/attendee-registration/content/notice
  • v2/attendee-registration/content/title
  • v2/attendee-registration/footer
  • v2/attendee-registration/mini-cart
  • v2/attendee-registration/mini-cart/title
  • v2/components/meta/birth
  • v2/components/meta/checkbox
  • v2/components/meta/datetime
  • v2/components/meta/email
  • v2/components/meta/number
  • v2/components/meta/radio
  • v2/components/meta/select
  • v2/components/meta/telephone
  • v2/components/meta/text
  • v2/components/meta/url
  • v2/iac/attendee-registration/email-disclaimer
  • v2/iac/attendee-registration/unique-email-error
  • v2/iac/attendee-registration/unique-name-error
  • v2/iac/my-tickets/resend-email-template
  • v2/modal/attendee-registration
  • v2/modal/attendee-registration/footer
  • v2/modal/attendee-registration/notice/error
  • v2/modal/attendee-registration/notice/non-ar
  • v2/modal/attendee-registration/title
  • v2/modal/cart
  • v2/modal/form
  • v2/modal/item/opt-out
  • v2/modal/item/remove
  • v2/modal/item/total v2/modal/target
  • v2/tickets/commerce/fields
  • v2/tickets/commerce/fields/edd
  • v2/tickets/commerce/fields/woo
  • v2/tickets/submit/button-modal
  • wootickets/tickets

🗣 Translations

Some language translation strings were updated in the process:

  • 28 added
  • 40 updated
  • 0 fuzzied
  • 0 obsoleted