Release: Community Events 1.0.3

September’s maintenance release cycle is in full swing…now that we’ve kicked Events 2.0.9 out the door, each of the add-ons is following suit. Next up comes Community Events (“for all your frontend event submission needs)”. This 1.0.3 release is fairly heavy on bug fixes and lighter on the feature/content tweak side. If you’ve reported a Community bug over the past 2 months there’s a very good chance the fix is included in the list below. Similarly, if you’re looking to run Community in another language, this release also includes no fewer than 5 new or updated translations.

Release Notes for WordPress Community Events 1.0.3:

Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

  • Clarified messaging regarding pre-populated “Free” text on cost field.
  • Disabled comments from the frontend submission form.
  • Added a filter — ‘tribe_community_events_event_categories’ — to allow users to filter the category list that appears on the frontend submission form.
  • Added a new hook — $args = apply_filters( ‘tribe_community_events_my_events_query’, $args ); — at a user’s request. This alteration allows you to tap into the WotUser object and pull out a list of events the user has access to and add them into this query.
  • Incorporated new Dutch language files, courtesy of Jurgen Michiels.
  • Incorporated new French language files, courtesy of Vanessa Bianchi.
  • Incorporated new Italian language files, courtesy of Marco Infussi.
  • Incorporated new German language files, courtesy of Mark Galliath.
  • Incorporated new Czech language files, courtesy of Petr Bastan.

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed a duplicate name attribute from venue-meta-box.php.
  • Categories now save on events submitted by subscriber-level members.
  • Categories now save on events submitted by anonymous users.
  • The default state selection as configured in Events Calendar PRO now appears (along with the country) on the frontend submission form.
  • Subscriber-level users may now edit events when that option is enabled under Events –> Settings –> Community.
  • Reconfigured the cost field to work for frontend submissions on sites running the Eventbrite Tickets add-on + Community Events.
  • Removed any lingering redirects to the WP Router Placeholder Page.
  • My Events filtering options no longer conflict with the calendar widget.
  • Fixed a broken link in the message that appears when Community Events is activated without the core The Events Calendar.
  • Removed code causing a division by zero error in tribe-community-events.class.php.
  • Styles from Community-related pages (events-admin-ui.css) no longer load on non-Community pages.
  • Cleared up untranslatable language strings found in the 1.0.2 POT file.

If you find a bug listed above persists — even after updating The Events Calendar to 2.0.9 and Community Events to 1.0.3 — tell us at the forums and we’ll help you out best we can. Similarly, if you’re interested in providing a translation file for a language we don’t have yet, let us know…we’d be happy to include yours in next month’s maintenance release and will comp you a free license for your efforts.