Release: Eventbrite Tickets 1.0.3

Our smallest maintenance release this month, the 1.0.3 build of Eventbrite Tickets is nonetheless an important update if you want to ensure you’re running the freshest code. It automatically displays the Eventbrite Tickets panel within individual events…which, if user feedback from the last build is any indication, should save users a solid chunk of time when setting up their events. Here’s the rundown of what’s included:

Release Notes for WordPress Eventbrite Tickets 1.0.3:

Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

  • Ticket box is now automatically displayed on all Eventbrite events (it previously defaulted to hidden).
  • Added new notification that appears upon initial activation, directing users to the new user primer.
  • Ticket-specific field for Eventbrite Tickets is no longer mandatory.
  • Incorporated new Dutch language files, courtesy of Jurgen Michiels.
  • Incorporated new Finnish language files, courtesy of Petri Kajander.
  • Incorporated new Italian language files, courtesy of Marco Infussi.

Bug Fixes:

  • Plugin now works with PHP 5.4 and above.
  • Dual cost fields (one for Events, the other for Eventbrite) no longer conflict when both are being used on the same event.
  • Fixed a bug where, for some users, editing an existing event yielded a slew of Eventbrite-generated notices.

As with each of the other add-ons, make sure you’ve updated The Events Calendar to 2.0.9 before attempting to use Eventbrite Tickets 1.0.3. And if you notice a bug or odd behavior of any kind…drop us a line on the forums and we’ll do what we can to assist.

Thanks again for supporting us as we built out the September stable of maintenance releases. We’ll be back next month for another round…