Release: Community Events 1.0.1

The response to Community Events 1.0 when it launched last month was awesome, and we appreciate everyone who bought it and shared their experiences so far. Today marks the release of our first maintenance update for that add-on,If you’ve entered your license key on the backend of any site where the plugin is being used, you’ll be prompted to update automatically – if not, just log in and visit Account Central -> Downloads here at the site. This update runs best with The Events Calendar or Events Calendar PRO 2.0.7 (both of which were also released today), so make sure to update them too.

As was the case with Eventbrite Tickets 1.0.1, this plugin requires The Events Calendar or Events Calendar PRO 2.0.7. The 2.0.7 build was just released today so make sure you update it before updating any add-ons you may have running. 

Release Notes for WordPress Community Events 1.0.1:

Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

  • Removed the pagination range setting from the Community tab on Settings -> The Events Calendar.
  • Added body classes for both the community submit (tribe_community_submit) and list (tribe_community_list) pages.
  • Incorporated new Spanish translation files, courtesy of Hector at Signo Creativo.
  • Incorporated new German translation files, courtesy of Mark Galliath.
  • Added boolean template tags for tribe_is_community_my_events_page() and tribe_is_community_edit_event_page()
  • Added new “Events” admin bar menu with Community-specific options

Bug Fixes:

  • Rewrite rules are now being flushed when the allowAnonymousSubmissions setting is changed.
  • Duplicate venues and organizers are no longer created with each new submission.
  • Community no longer deactivates the Events Calendar PRO advanced post manager.
  • Clarified messaging regarding the difference between trash/delete settings options.
  • Header for status column is no longer missing in My Events.

Remember that if you’ve added your license key to the backend of your WordPress site, the update prompt will appear automatically. You can also download the latest build right here on the website by going to Account Central -> Downloads. We appreciate your feedback as to how the new release integrates with your site. Find a bug? Let us know on the forums and we’ll do our best to work it into next month’s release.