Release: Community Events

We’ve just deployed a mid-month release of Community Events, version, which addresses a somewhat critical bug we found that emerged with the release of WordPress 3.4. Please update when able. This patch is being released after we received reports that the frontend “My Events” list — which users click to see their submitted events — was automatically redirecting all users to the WP Router Placeholder Page. (More on the issue and context surrounding it can be found at this forum thread). 

Note that, as the thread linked to above indicates, there is still a less-critical bug that causes users running certain permalink structures to be redirected to the WP Router Placeholder page as well. That issue is still in the works and should be patched for July’s monthly maintenance release. But the broader issue that was impacting all installs has been patched. Give the update a shot and let us know if you’re still having issues from there. 

Not seeing the update prompt on your site’s backend? Check out the brief tutorial we just published on how to “force” it, or just re-download the release from Account Central -> Downloads on the site. Doing so will ensure you’re running the latest release.