March Release: Responsive and Recurrence!

March Updates from Modern Tribe on Vimeo.

All releases are exciting, but this month’s is particularly so. We’re really excited to finally be releasing a fully responsive solution for Events Calendar users. There’s a quick preview in the video above, and some specifics following.  You’ll be happy to know that we are shipping responsive in both the free and PRO plugins. So for all of you users out there who are rocking the CORE plugin, you’ll be getting responsive views too!

We always strive to do releases that create the least amount of work for our users as possible. Because responsive enhancements are primarily a front facing feature, there are updates to the views themselves. If you’ve done some customizations and overrides, you’ll want to make sure that you’re leaving yourself ample time to do the upgrade in a safe and secure fashion.

The other big note in this release has to do with recurring events. We’ve fully rearchitected how recurring events work. You won’t notice a huge difference in this release, but the updates will allow us to do some really cool things in the future including custom recurrence and finally getting recurring events to work with our ticketing plugins.

Pre Release Testing?

If you’ve done some customizations and want to grab a pre-release version of this release to test them out beforehand, let us know and we’ll try to work something out. Email pro @ for more info.

Breakpoints for CSS / JS

The default breakpoint at which Tribe Events JS / CSS kicks in for smaller devices is 768px. This breakpoint can be customized by utilizing the tribe_events_mobile_breakpoint filter or the responsive JS / CSS can also be removed by using the tribe_events_kill_responsive filter. A body class of tribe-is-responsive is included if the breakpoint hasn’t been killed and a body class of tribe-mobile is added once you hit that breakpoint.


Aside from the retina / hdpi media queries (used for icons only), the responsive CSS has been broken into it’s own stylesheet. You will find that each stylesheet option, except for skeleton, includes a mobile stylesheet and for both core and pro plugins. Lastly, an additional media query has been included for a max-width of 600px to deal specifically with some of the tickets add-ons and photo view in a couple of the mobile stylesheets.


Javascript is used as a helper for some of the mobile tidbits, and is heavily used for both month and week views. We have also taken an important and significant step in utilizing javascript templates to power the mobile areas for the month and week views as well as to power the overall plugin tooltips. If you have overridden views/month/content.php or views/pro/week/content.php you will need to update your templates with the latest. Lastly, if you have overridden the markup of your tooltips, you’ll need to port these over to the JS template.

Thank You

As always, once we release this update there will be a corresponding update to the Themer’s guide. You’ll want to check over any modifications made, whether that is template or style overrides, or if you’ve also done your own mobile version of Tribe Events, and test them all against the new updates. You’ll definitely need to update your overridden templates, and potentially the default breakpoint and/or mobile CSS and/or overridden CSS to add the default responsive CSS, but as always you can turn to support if you have any other questions during this process.

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  1. Very cool! When will it be available? Building a website that I am about to launch and the calendar is the main feature. Love The Events Calendar, Pro, and the WooCommerce tickets!!!

    You guys are AWESOME and very helpful!


    1. Thanks for the words, Justine, and for your interest. The answer to your question is: very soon. Like, “we’re counting the days on one hand if all goes according to plan” soon 🙂 Stay tuned and keep an eye on your site’s dashboard for an update prompt coming up!

      1. That’s exciting news and I will keep an eye out!

        Thanks for the response 🙂


  2. You guys are awesome. seriously. Design, support, products in general.
    There is no better calendar/event solution out there. Period.

    1. Thanks so much for this praise, Craig — brought a smile to our collective face(s). It’s this type of feedback that makes us so stoked to do what we do each day, and I can’t say how much it means to get these types of comments. We’re stoked that you’re stoked…if we can do anything to help make your life easier down the road please don’t hesitate to let us know. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on the new releases!

  3. Hi- I installed the update, but when I activate the calendar the titles disappear from my blog posts. Not sure why, but when I deactivate they reappear… Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Mary! That sounds like a problem, and my apologies for the inconvenience you’ve faced here. If you post a new forum thread for us (either here at or over at, depending on whether or not you’re a PRO license holder) we’ll do our best to get you sorted from there. Thanks for your patience so far.

  4. Has it been launched yet?

    1. Yes! It launched yesterday afternoon, and I’ve just published the release notes post here on the site a moment ago. Check it out: Looking forward to hearing your feedback on the new codebase.

  5. This isn’t Facebook, but where’s the “Like” option?? lol

    1. Haha…your comment is enough to show your “Like” status, snorton! Thanks so much for this note. Have you had a chance to check out the new release yet? It shipped last night and we would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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  7. I have Events Calendar (v3.5) and Events Calendar PRO (v3.5) installed on my website (

    the calendar is not displaying the upcoming events properly; for example,
    – there is an event starting April 2 that will recur for six weeks but in the month and list view, it is only showing on April 9th (no recurrence)
    – there is another event starting April 2 that will recur for seven weeks but in the month and list view, it is only showing April 2 (no recurrence)
    [as an intermediate fix, I’ve broken the April events into single events so they’ll show]

    there are other recurring events that are experiencing this. I just updated my plug-in, would that be a cause? is there a fix for this? or am I just doing something wrong?

    1. Hey Tasha. Thanks for your note here — my apologies on behalf of the whole team for your experience so far. Did these issues just emerge with the release of the 3.5 codebase? It’s true that we did just push a fairly substantive update, and if the problems emerged right when you applied that update there is a chance that there’s an incompatibility of some kind with your setup.

      Mind posting a new thread at the forums ( and we’ll do our best to get you sorted from there?

  8. This just made my day. A client came to me asking for some responsive work to be done to their TEC Pro install… and I about fell out of my chair when I found out that a simple plugin update would meet their needs! Two thumbs up for doing this, y’all!

    1. That is an awesome testament, Ashley! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment – these are the types of remarks that get the whole team excited. We’re pumped to hear the timing worked out in a most opportune fashion and look forward to seeing the finished site. Thanks again for your words 🙂

  9. As we say in catalan… Sou collonuts!!!! (You’re great 😉 ) One of my problems is solved

    1. That’s what we like to hear, Joan! If there are other problems we could solve with future development/code enhancements, we’d love to hear what those are.

  10. “really cool things in the future including custom recurrence and finally getting recurring events to work with our ticketing plugins.”

    I think this teaser is the biggest and most important part of the update. now that our mouths are watering.. is there any chance you can give even a loose ETA on when this part is expected?

    1. Hey iquariusmedia! Thanks for the follow-up here. While I’m hesitant to give a specific timeline — as the recurrence refactor was just the start of the ticket-side integration, and so the development process is still in early stages there — I think it’s reasonable to expect this over the next few months. I suspect on top of that we will have a beta for it before release (which we’ll announce here at the site if we do) and you’re more than welcome to participate at that time.

      Hope that helps and sorry I couldn’t offer anything more specific. Once we have firmer dates and we’re comfortable that we can hit them, you guys will be the first to know 🙂 Let me know if we can do anything else in the interim.

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