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A Modern Tribe Embodied

Modern Tribe, the company behind The Events Calendar, is a unique hybrid of independent contractors and traditional employees, with the added distinction of being 100% remote. The team is spread across the western hemisphere and beyond. Working with us means joining a diverse group of people who each bring a unique life experience to the family we call Modern Tribe.

We believe in a team that is happy, helpful, curious & accountable, on top of being good at what they do. We believe in sustainable, elegant, open source code and the community that it builds. We believe in work that is fulfilling and stimulating. We believe in a class of artisans and craftspeople who live with intention and heart.

Modern Tribe is a lifestyle company. The journey is as much or more important than the destination. We aspire to foster a workspace where everyone is enthusiastic to be there. Where every day brings fulfillment and joy. We work hard, we play hard, we invest tremendous focus and energy, and at the end of the day, we have stories to tell.

We look for people who are passionate and hard working but who have a rich sense of humor.

How We Work

Our Products team is made up of developers, QA testers, strategists, project managers, and our stupendous support squad. While the support team spends their days working with customers and problem solving, the developers and QA testers work on the upcoming releases. The average Triberian spends their day working on their tasks while chatting on Slack, with occasional meetings via Hangout or Zoom.

Amidst our various productivity tools, we have a project management system which we call ‘central’ that facilitates all our asynchronous project related chatter and helps us get things done efficiently. And when we’re not designing, coding, or working with customers, we’re out getting exercise or learning something new. Being a part of The Events Calendar means having the support and flexibility to live your life.

The Shortest Commute Ever!

We live in unprecedented times. These times call for rethinking everything about how we work, play, and live our lives. One such convention worth examining is the office.

We spend our days together – online. Our commutes at The Events Calendar usually extend as far as dropping the kids off at school or walking to the coffee machine in the kitchen. Instead of driving 45 minutes each way to work, perhaps consider taking that time and spending it in a yoga studio or on a paddle board.

A Solid Culture


One of the greatest blessings of running a company is that you get to pick who you spend your time with. We’re not saying you need to be bunnies and rainbows 24/7 – but we want people that are excited about what they’re doing. Simply put, are we going to feel good about our day after hanging out with you?


We’re not looking for seat fillers. We want your big beautiful brain to be fully engaged. We’re looking for added value.


Our industry is always evolving. If you didn’t learn something new today, you’re probably behind. We want people that are striving to be experts at what they do, and are going to be experts in what comes next as well.


This is the holy grail of attributes. Accountability is not really about hitting deadlines – it’s about expectation management. Deadlines move, scope changes, and timelines evolve – you will succeed if you communicate and navigate these effectively. Over-nighters are so 1999.


Naturally, it’s also important that you are pretty good at what you do.

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