Event Tickets Pro Alpha

Update: I am extremely excited by the initial feedback we received on our alpha build. Users were thrilled and had great ideas for changes. All in all, we are tightening up WordPress with Eventbrite. Simplification of the import process, two way syncing, credit card options and more. We also received a nice clear list of amazingly wacky bugs. We expect to pick back up on dev once we get back from sxsw and should have our first public beta in the near term (a month perhaps?).

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We have been working hard on ECP 2.0 and are getting closer to release. Want to participate in the FREE beta or get an head up when we release? Join our newsletter (we rarely send emails unless something major is on the horizon).

A quick overview of the plugin:

Event Tickets Pro allows users of Events Calendar Pro to directly sell tickets via WordPress using the power of the eventbrite API. No need to double enter data or visit multiple sites.

* Sell a wide variety of tickets: Free, Donation, Paid.
* Accept money via Paypal, Google Checkout, Credit Card, Check & Cash.
* Automatically create Eventbrite events without leaving WordPress.
* Integrates with ECP


Do I need to buy ECP to use this?

Can I use some other ticket platform other than Eventbrite?
Not with this plugin.

My puppy made me laugh, can I tell you about it?
Yes, and include a photo.

How can I get an Eventbrite Account?
Follow this link to set up an account.

Can I buy this plugin now?
Nope, but you can have it for free if you promise to give us feedback and be super nice when it breaks all your shit (this is an alpha after all).

What will you charge?
We are not sure yet, but most likely it will be around $99 USD, give or take $2,000 (translation, I have no clue). Since its free now, don’t worry about it.

Will you be supporting this plugin
The difference between our free and our premium plugins is that you get access to the latest features. We are not truly in the business of customer support. Code is offered on an as-is basis.

We read the support forums activly looking for legitimate bug reports. However, we do not offer any guarantees that this code won’t break something on your site. Any guidance that we offer is voluntary, so please be nice to us so we don’t have to pay ridiculously high therapy bills. If you really appreciate this plugin, please help other people on the forum.

You should hire a freelance developer if you are facing any problems with theme integration.

If you have a code contribution to this plugin, please post it to the forum. We’ll review it and integrate it if it makes sense (and maybe see if you’re available for contract work).

When will the official version one come out.
What a great question. We are super curious ourselves. But, we decided to do some alpha testing (good for everyone), and found some wacky bugs. And then we contracted a QA person, and he found some REALLY wacky bugs. So we figured, keep giving it away for free until it is a pretty stable product. We know that working with a rapidly changing platform (WP) and a fluid and evolving api (Eventbrite) means a moving target.

Comments (6)
  1. how do i get the test version of this?

  2. A quick update for everyone.

    We have cracked open the plugin to make a few large changes. The plugin is not in a sharable state at the moment.

    In the meanwhile, a benefactor has committed to sponsoring part of the re-occurring events for ECP 2.0. Since the funding made that a priority, we have put Event Tickets down for the time being and will return to it once re-occurring events is stable.

  3. Hi,
    when it will be ready?


    1. We are currently focused on ECP 2.0, but have ETP in a semi-stable alpha state. If you want a copy, tweet @RobLaGatta for a an alpha (use at your own risk).

  4. Hello,

    I would like to know if there is a WP plugin to sell tickets from 3rd party events.

    Thank you!

  5. @Costin: 3rd party events? You mean something other than Eventbrite? Not that I’m aware of, but they may very well be out there.

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