Follow Up Emails Plugin Integrates With WooCommerce Tickets

Just a while back we received some email correspondence from a friend, Scott Goldblatt, who built a pretty useful plugin called Follow Up Emails for WooThemes. What’s even cooler is that Scott made sure that Follow Up Emails worked seamlessly with our add-on WooCommerce Tickets (which let’s you sell tickets directly to your customers without a pesky third-party or middle man). We thought it was pretty cool that he added this integration, considering he did this without any solicitation from us.

So what exactly is Follow Up Emails?

Here’s what it’s creator Scott Goldblatt had to say, “Our goal with Follow Up Emails is to solve the needs of the store owner – to create a self-managed transactional email and marketing machine.” In laymen’s terms, Follow Up Emails lets you create custom email templates for your email marketing campaign. It will also allow you to set up schedules to send those custom emails to your customers at pre-determined times.

For example, you can set up an email to be sent to every customer 7 days after they make a purchase. Write one email, send it to all your customers exactly when you want them to get it. You could use it to power an auto renewal message or check up on customer satisfaction. Seems like an amazing tool for preventative support and increasing consumer loyalty. It personalizes and automates your email marketing campaigns, saving you time and money in the process. Pretty neat right?

Scott and his team have been hard at work on Follow Up Emails for the past 18 months, updating it like crazy and adding feature requests from users.

Follow Up Emails

Follow Up Emails Template Builder

Making the Internet Better

While Follow Up Emails in NOT our plugin, we certainly appreciate that Scott and his team made it play well with our add-on WooCommerce tickets. It’s always nice when people use their super powers to make the internet a better, more cohesive place. So a big thanks to Scott and his team for the love, we appreciate it!