What’s in a License?

Between our upcoming price increase and the impending release of The Events Calendar 3.0, we’ve had some confusion about what the purchase of a license gets you.

All of our plugins are sold with a one-year license. That means that for one year from the date of purchase, you have access to plugin downloads, new version releases, and our premium support. You can sort of think of it as like a magazine subscription. After the year is up, you need to renew again to keep that same level of service.

Keep in mind that once you buy a plugin, it will continue to work even if your license expires. You will not lose your data or any functionality out of the plugin itself. But you will lose access to downloads, updates, and support. If at any time in the future you want to renew that license and get those perks back, you can do so through your account on tri.be.

Happily, we provide discounts to our returning customers. So after your initial purchase, the yearly renewals will be discounted below list price as a thank you for your loyalty and continued support.

Please note that the big Events Calendar PRO 3.0 update is available free to everyone with a valid license. Updating from the current build does not require any new purchases or extra fees. Like other version updates, it’s part of the package.

If you have any questions about how this works, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or post in our Pre-Sales forum.

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  1. Leah – Thanks for the clarification. I am still confused about something, though. When I install The Events Calendar (free) plugin on a site I”m doing for a client, I have in the past bought a license to get the extra functionality, especially for setting up recurring events. I explain this to the customer, they know it’s $50/yr or whatever the price is at the time. At least once, I’ve had a customer call me a year later and say their calendar is broken – meaning they lost the extra functionality – not just updates, downloads and support. Their calendar reverted back to The Events Calendar (free) version. It has made me less apt to purchase and install the premium version for turn-key projects.

    Question is: If a premium license expires, do premium features stay? Was it formerly the policy that when premium license expired, plugin reverted back to free version?

    1. Hi Ron,

      It’s never been the case that the PRO plugin would stop working when the license expired. If you have purchased and installed the PRO plugin on a site, it will continue to function 100% even if the license key expires.

      I suspect that the problems you saw earlier had to do with people trying to use conflicting plugin versions, for example the 2.0.2 PRO that you had purchased for them, and the newly release core 2.0.3 that they were prompted to update from the WP Plugins page. If you want to continue doing the one-time purchase for clients, I recommend that you explain that they’ll need to keep the core plugin at that same version, even if they are prompted to update. Does that make sense?


  2. Just curious since I’ve got two Thesis 2.0 sites in development right now, one of which will be heavily dependent on EVP: When is the projected release date for EVP 3.0 at this time?

    1. Hey Derek! We’re done with the code side as of last week, so really it’s just a matter of finalizing our documentation and video tutorials (which we’re doing this week). From there it’s launch time. So…very, very soon.

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