Press Release: Modern Tribe Launches New Event Calendar Import Hub for WordPress

For Immediate Release

PLYMOUTH, NH (October 18, 2016) — Modern Tribe, Inc., a leading full-stack development agency with extensive experience developing and supporting WordPress plugins, announced today the launch of Event Aggregator, a new service that manages bulk event imports from Facebook,, Google Calendar, iCalendar, ICS, and CSV within a single dashboard.

Over the past four years, WordPress has doubled its market share globally to over 50% according to, making it the most popular content management system for building websites. Modern Tribe is the largest provider of calendar and event management tools for WordPress sites and the launch of Event Aggregator demonstrates the company’s continued investment in WordPress and support for their user base.

The Event Aggregator interface is baked into Modern Tribe’s free “The Events Calendar” WordPress plugin and is used to import calendar events from sources across the web, regardless of whether those sources use WordPress to power their event calendars. Event Aggregator enables bulk event imports from Facebook (groups, pages, and individuals),, Google Calendar, iCalendar, ICS, and CSV. Imports can be scheduled to run automatically in the background or manually processed from within the WordPress dashboard.

This launch marks a shift for Modern Tribe from delivering their products as traditional plugin downloads into testing the waters of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for their users. Director of Products Zach Tirrell shares, “With our traditional plugin model, event import functionality was segmented, requiring users to download and maintain separate plugins for each import source. Under the SaaS model for Event Aggregator, we’re able to support multiple import sources, improve the handling of bulk imports, optimize performance, improve stability, and push maintenance updates directly from our servers. Our customers still get top-notch support from our team, without the complication of installing multiple plugins on their site.”

In addition to supporting multiple event import sources, Event Aggregator includes new features to make importing events even easier for WordPress users:

  • Supports imports from Facebook, Meetup, Google Calendar, iCalendar, CSV, and ICS
  • Scheduled & manual imports can be run at your convenience
  • Keyword, date, and location filters to help you select which events you want to import
  • Smart sync to grab updates from the original source without duplicating events
  • Assign event categories to imported events globally or more specifically
  • Import history to track the date, source, type, and outcome of your event imports

Event Aggregator is available for any WordPress site running Modern Tribe’s free plugin The Events Calendar version 4.3 or higher. The introductory price of $89 includes one year of support and updates, installation on up to 10 sites, and the ability to run up to 100 imports per day. There is no cap on the number of events that can be pulled in per import.

The release of additional license levels for Event Aggregator are planned for the near future.

About Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe is a digital design and development agency specializing in User Experience, Content Strategy, Publishing, and Product Development. In addition to the services side of their business, they are committed to open source and maintain a portfolio of popular WordPress plugins downloaded by millions of users across the globe.