Help Wanted: WordPress Technical Support for Events Calendar PRO

Hey folks! Modern Tribe is looking for great, passionate support people to join our community team and help provide technical support for web developers.

You’d be helping provide support for The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO and their suite of premium add-ons. We’re passionate about helping our users do cool things with WordPress.

You’ll wear a lot of hats when you join our community team, including:

* Daily work on our premium support forums, where we pride ourselves for a high level of service + reply times of less than 24 hours
* Creating code snippets and helper plugins to solve one-off problems
* Writing tutorials and knowledge base items covering a range of technical levels for
* Comprehensive quality assurance testing on each major release of the plugin suite, usually once ever 2-3 months
* Monitoring our support inbox, which is run through HelpScout, to assist with refunds and account access problems
* Logging bugs and feature requests based on user reports and feedback
* Running usability tests and surveys to better understand our users’ needs, then proposing actionable ways to address them

The role we’re looking to fill requires constant interaction with our customers and with the whole team. You will help guide the products to be the best they can be for our users. You will create tools, snippets, education content and even hold people’s hands to help the community flourish. You’ll provide responses over a variety of mediums (forums, email, social networks) to a wide array of questions, from the inane and incomprehensible to brilliant challenges. If your view of support is handling the easy threads and passing the technical ones off to other team members, this probably isn’t a good fit for you: we’re looking for candidates who will take ownership of increasingly complex threads the longer they work with us.

Due to the technical nature of the questions we receive, a strong under-the-hood familiarity with WordPress is a must for this role. If you’re familiar with The Events Calendar / Events Calendar PRO, even better. Bonus points go to anyone who has built an add-on that extends the plugin or has a site running the plugin that they’ve customized in cool ways.

Other requirements for the role:

  • This is a freelance gig, not a full time job. As a result you need to be a full-time, independent contractor: you maintain your own personal client list and Modern Tribe will only comprise a portion of your total income (sorry, but this position is not for someone with a full-time job looking for extra work)
  • A strong command of the English language, both written + spoken
  • A reliable, fast Internet connection
  • An attention to detail and organization
  • Experience working + communicating remotely with a distributed team
  • A functional local dev environment and a basic command of version control (We use Git!)
  • The ability to attend a weekly support meeting, generally mid-morning PST on a weekday
  • (BONUS) Code samples that demonstrate technical abilities — plugins, snippets or anything else our devs can review to get a sense of your experience
  • (BONUS) Evidence of past WordPress-related support you’ve provided online, either from or elsewhere

We’re looking for someone who can commit to 10-15 hours a week. Rate is $25-$35/hr depending on experience. Candidates located outside of the United States are welcome to apply, but must be able to commit to at least a few hours a day overlap with our North America-based support team.

You can apply at our website on the Work with Us page. Make sure to select “Community/Support” as your primary interest. We look forward to hearing from you!