Celebrate 4 Million Downloads With Us!


Our next milestone is approaching fast – The Events Calendar is expected to cross the 4 million downloads threshold over the next few days.

To celebrate, we’re running a special Random Refund Promotion July 26-29th.

What’s a “Random Refund”? 

For 4 days next week (July 26th-29th), any purchase OR renewal of Events Calendar PRO will be eligible for a “random refund.” 4 times each day, we’ll review our transactions and select a user at random to receive a credit for the purchase price of their new or renewed Events Calendar PRO license.

Bonus – Those that tweet about their purchase are eligible for an extra shot at a Random Refund.

Are All License Levels Included?

Yup! As long as the license or renewal is for Events Calendar PRO, you’re eligible for the random refund drawings.

What About Bundles?

Our bundles pack in massive value, so we totally get it if you want to take advantage of the savings, but don’t want to miss out on this promo.

Folks that purchase a bundle that includes Events Calendar PRO are eligible for our Random Refund drawing. If you’re selected for a Random Refund, you’ll receive a credit for the Events Calendar PRO portion of the bundle.

How Do I Participate? 

This is the easiest part – anyone who purchases or renews Events Calendar PRO is automatically entered. No special promo codes or shenanigans required.

Bonus entry: Get your name added to the transaction list an extra time by tweeting us a shoutout at @TheEventsCal with hashtag #4milliondownloads after checkout.

Those selected each day for our Random Refunds will receive an email notifying them of their credit.

We’ll be giving thank yous & shoutouts on social media, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to join in the celebration!

Let’s Do This!

Head on over to the Events Calendar PRO page to shop for a new license now, or log into your account to view your license keys and access your personalized renewal link.