A status update on our Event Importer

A few months back, we wrote a post soliciting calls for beta testers who might be interested in testing out our CSV importer for Events Calendar PRO. In the weeks since that post we’ve had a strong response from the community and are still getting emails as recently as this morning from folks interested in participating.

The feedback we’ve received along the way has been awesome, and we’re just about finished with the product itself. As you may be aware the initial plan was to release Event Importer as a free standalone plugin on the WordPress.org repo. But after some more discussions internally, we decided on a new approach: the importer functionality will instead be bundled with The Events Calendar 2.1, and so users looking to use it won’t have to install a separate plugin.

Even better: though the plugin right now only works with Events Calendar PRO, and the standalone product we were planning on releasing would have required PRO to operate, by bundling it with the core 2.1 codebase it will work for users of both the paid and free versions alike.

All that to say…we realize the plugin has taken a bit longer than expected to get out the door, but we haven’t forgotten about it — and we’re excited for you all to see the finished product when 2.1 launches this fall.

One last note: if you’re interested in getting your hands on the CSV importer early, the offer from our initial post still stands. So long as you’ve got PRO and are willing to use the plugin in its current incarnation — that is, a standalone product that is in beta form so may not be 100% complete — let us know and we’ll hook it up.

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  1. I’m using Recurrence to generate events throughout the year initially, and then editing them after they’ve been created. But, as you may know, this doesn’t work. I can’t delete the initial event that was used to create the other events through recurrence. I’d be glad to get Events Calendar PRO when I feel like our site is closer to being ready.

    You guys do great work! I’m looking forward to being able to import CSV events!

    Ken Reed
    Joke Joint Comedy Club

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