Announcing The Events Calendar 4.9.4 and Events Calendar Pro 4.7.4

Hey folks! We have new updates for The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro that are ready to install! This release features fixes that ensure that your exported .ics files import into Outlook with ease (including the correct timezone) and that event data saves correctly when using the WordPress block editor for events. Plus, there are lots of new hooks that open up possibilities to customize your calendar.

If you’ve enabled automatic updates in WordPress, then you’re all set. Otherwise, you can download the updated plugins from your account then manually install.

Oh, you want a more detailed breakdown of what’s new? You bet, let’s do it.

The Events Calendar 4.9.4

  • Fix – There’s an uncommon, yet funky, thing that happens when the Classic Editor plugin is active with the “Activate Block Editor for Events” setting enabled. Bits of meta containing data for event posts would go MIA when saving. Well, we tracked those bits down so meta that no longer be an issue.
  • Fix – We had to Uber some code from one place to another to prevent an error when The Events Calendar and Event Tickets are active.
  • Fix – There was something going on with the end date of multi-day events inadvertently changing when editing posts in the block editor. We fumigated the place and that bug is now sleeping with the fishies.
  • Fix – We use a tool called Freemius that helps us offer automatic updates and licensing for The Event Calendar’s premium add-ons. It wasn’t retaining data when deactivated, which could impact your access to those fine benefits. We updated the integration to prevent that sort of thing from happening, so no worries there!
  • Fix – We found a way to make event posts a little more secure by ensuring the target attribute on the event website URL is properly escaped when used.
  • Fix – Outlook was unimpressed with the way we presented timezone details for events in the .ics files that The Events Calendar generates. We so very badly want Outlook to like us, so we modified timezone definitions in the files to Outlook’s liking. That earned us an invite to Outlook’s big party this Friday!
  • Fix – There are so many ways to display prices. But if you’re displaying a price in a format other than English, it would get a little jumbled when passing through the REST API where decimal and thousands event cost separators show incorrect values. We made a change that makes more cents of the issue so that prices are deposited to the API correctly.
  • Tweak – We noticed register_rest_route looked a little chilly, so we wrapped the calls with tribe_register_rest_route to enable filtering when registering the REST API

There are also new hooks and classes for your calendar-customizing pleasure:

Type Name Description
Filter tribe_events_event_insert_args Filter arguments prior to inserting the event and meta fields.
Filter tribe_events_event_update_args Filter arguments prior to the update (and inserting) of event and meta fields.
Filter tribe_events_event_prevent_update Disable updating an event via the Tribe API.
Filter tribe_events_archive_get_args Filter arguments used to get the events on the archive page via the REST API.
Filter tribe_events_validator_is_event_id Check if the event_id is valid.
Action tribe_rest_before_event_data This is executed before the event data is pulled and before delivering the event via the REST API.
Filter tribe_ical_feed_vtimezone Filters the “VTIMEZONE” group and allows for individual “VTIMEZONE” items to be customized when they are rendered inside an iCal export file.
Class Tribe__Events__Query::last_found_events() Accesses the last events that are returned from the Query object.

Events Calendar Pro 4.7.4

  • Fix – You know the little tooltip that shows when hovering your cursor over the date and time details of a recurring event when viewing one of the events in the series? We buttoned it up a bit by adding some esc_html() calls. That makes things a little more secure.
  • Tweak – It was brought to our attention that some folks got the dreaded fatal error while editing recurring events with the WPML plugin active. Your events may be recurring, but this problem ain’t.
  • Tweak – We sprinkled GEO and X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION information into the .ics files for the calendar and events to deepen integration with calendar applications.

Not Updated This Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release and will remain at the version numbers specified here: