The Events Calendar 5.7.0


Feature Release

This updated version of The Events Calendar adds a new Month View section to the WordPress Customizer and includes several bug fixes.

As always, we recommend updating on a staging site, just to be safe, but it should all be smooth sailing. And please note that this is a feature release that focuses on bug fixes and compatibility with our new Events Calendar Pro 5.7 update.

✨ New

New features included in this release:

✅ Fixed

Bugs that were squashed in this release:
  • Applied responsive breakpoints once the page has fully loaded with all JavaScript and elements on the page.
  • Resolved conflicts with Gravity Forms plugin that prevented correct submission of forms data.
  • Fixed handling of the start and end of day cutoff in Day View when the server timezone is not the same as the site (thanks @therealgilles).
  • The archive body class is no longer removed from post tag and category pages when using Default Page Template as event template.
  • Fixed translation of calendar view in WPML language switcher (thanks @dgwatkins).
  • Fixed <button> styles when using the Twenty Twenty One theme.
  • Single event iCalendar export now correctly exports only that event information.
  • When Timezone Mode is set to “Manual time zones for each event”, the correct date and time in the Day View time separator are now used
  • Fixed conflict with the “Hello Elementor” theme to avoid issues with The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO views.
  • Corrected typo in style output from Customizer. Thanks @apmatthews for catching and correcting this!
  • Resolved PHP warnings when linked post types are filtered out (thanks @baden03).

🔧 Tweaks

A few tweaks we made under the hood:
  • Removed the usage of the phrase “Now onwards” on list-style view date range headings, in favor of the simpler “Upcoming”.
  • Events from latest past events now display the featured image.
  • Moved messages below the calendar grid in the mobile version of Month View.
  • Message now displays that lets visitors know the selected Month View day has no events in mobile view.
  • Added compatibility for the Full Site Editor navigation block.
  • When using Event Aggregator, now only the type of files allowed will be displayed.
  • Updated the lodash library to include a security fix.
  • Skip to Content tab no longer breaks widget icon styles.
  • Updated Google Calendar link to use the timezone based on the Timezone Settings from the Calendar.

⚙️ Developers

Filters Added:
  • Added the tribe_views_v2_after_setup_loop filter to modify the loop context set up in the View (v2).
  • Added the tribe_events_views_v2_by_day_view_grid_days to allow pre-filling Month and Week Views (v2) Events.
  • Added the tribe_events_views_v2_by_day_view_day_results to allow fine-grained control over Month and Week Views (v2) Event data.
  • tribe_customizer_should_print_shortcode_customizer_styles
  • tribe_customizer_should_print_shortcode_customizer_styles
  • tribe_events_views_v2_view_ical_repository_args
  • tribe_events_views_v2_view_{$slug}_asset_origin_object
  • tribe_events_views_v2_by_day_view_grid_days
  • tribe_events_views_v2_by_day_view_day_results
  • tribe_events_views_v2_month_mobile_messages
  • tribe_events_views_v2_view_cached_html
  • tribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_cached_html
  • tribe_ical_template_event_ids, tribe_get_view_permalink
  • tribe_get_{$slug}_view_permalink
Actions Added:
  • tribe_views_v2_after_setup_loop
Views Changed:
  • blocks/classic-event-details
  • blocks/parts/details
  • modules/meta/details
  • v2/components/breakpoints
  • v2/components/messages
  • v2/day/time-separator
  • v2/month
  • v2/month/calendar-body/day
  • v2/month/mobile-events
  • v2/month/mobile-events/mobile-day
  • v2/month/mobile-events/mobile-day/day-marker

🗣 Translations

Updated language files and strings:
  • 27 new strings added
  • 133 updated
  • 0 fuzzied
  • 0 obsoleted