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The Events Calendar supports the WordPress Customizer, located at AppearanceCustomize from the WordPress dashboard. This is an excellent way to make styling changes to the calendar directly in WordPress without touching code.

Locating the WordPress Customizer

The WordPress Customizer is part of the Appearance → Customize screen in the WordPress admin. The easiest way to access the Customizer, though, is to simply navigate to the event page that you wish to customize, and then click “Customize” in the admin Toolbar menu.

Some themes hide the admin Toolbar by default. If you can’t locate the Toolbar or the “Customize” link within it, you may find it easiest to just head to your site’s wp-admin and to the AppearanceCustomize screen.

Using the WordPress Customizer

Once you’ve got the Customizer open, you’ll notice that its comprised of two panes: the customization options panel on the left, and the preview screen on the right.

The Customizer includes a tab for “The Events Calendar” when the plugin is installed and activated.

In that left-hand panel of customization options, there’s a link that says “The Events Calendar.” Click on this to begin customizing the calendar.

You’ll see a list of options in the left-hand panel of features you can customize. Many of these options are for customizing colors, so, for example, if you click an option and then modify a color, you’ll see a corresponding preview in the right-hand pane of those changes.

Once you’ve found the right color for one item, you can customize the colors of as many other items as you’d like without having to save your changes yet. Once you’re all set with the customizations you want to make, click “Save & Publish.” If you don’t like your changes, though, simply click “Default” to remove them and exit the Customizer.

An example showing the post title color being updated in the WordPress Customizer.

You can make as many customizations as you’d like before clicking that “Save & Publish” button, and can repeat this process over and over until your calendar is looking just right.

All Available Options

👋 Since the release of The Events Calendar 5.0, we have stopped supporting a number of options that were supported in the legacy calendar views. We are actively working to add support for the updated views and will update this list as that happens.


Option NameNotes
Accent ColorUpdates the default blue color used throughout the calendar.

Single event

Option NameNotes
Event Title ColorControls the color of the event’s title in the single event view.
Details Background ColorControls the background color of the event’s meta information in the event single view, including Details, Venue and Organizer information.


Option NameNotes
Link ColorControls the color of text links throughout the calendar and single events.

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