Maintenance Release for the Week of 1 April 2019

Today’s Maintenance Release focuses on Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus. Big news: you can now embed the Attendee Registration into a page on your site using the [tribe_attendee_registration] shortcode. Learn more on the Event Tickets Settings Overview.

Maintenance Releases are smaller updates between major updates that are mostly comprised of bug fixes, tweaks, and small but meaningful improvements.

To see all of the changes included this Maintenance Release, check out the changelogs for all updated plugins below:

Event Tickets 4.10.2

  • Fix – Add variable not defined when a ticket was moved to a different event
  • Fix – Resolve problems with WP_Theme::get_page_templates() usage, use array_keys() instead of array_values() since the array is keyed by filename, not template name. Props to @eri-trabiccolo for flagging this!
  • Fix – Allow IE users to increment/decrement the ticket quantity field via the buttons
  • Fix – Use a md5 hash for checkbox and radio option names to prevent fields from not saving if they a large amount of characters
  • Fix – Remove duplicate coding to update RSVP stock when deleting an attendee
  • Fix – When updating RSVP stock use the capacity – minus complete attendees for the new stock number and prevent negative stock
  • Fix – Fix React console warnings when editing events
  • Fix – Correct attendee list page on posts and pages
  • Fix – Tribe Commerce PayPal tickets uses shared capacity and fixes the account reports in PayPal sales report
  • Fix – Show RSVP on list view when it’s the only attached ticket
  • Fix – Make submit button dependent on the presence of editable metadata
  • Fix – Allow the PayPal confirmation email address sender to be empty, so it can default to the WordPress site email address
  • Fix – Stop claiming that the Attendee Registration page is an archive, add a shortcode to display on any page
  • Fix – Remove CSS that was hiding the RSVP form when Blocks are disabled
  • Tweak – Update hooks attached to tickets to notify Promoter
  • Tweak – Use buttons instead of links and add better feedback on check-in (disable buttons)
  • Tweak – Use get_stylesheet_directory() instead of get_template_directory() to honor child themes for Attendee Registration template
  • Tweak – Remove empty “Primary Info” column from attendee list email and export
  • Tweak – Only show Attendee data in the REST API for tickets if the Event/Post has the Attendees shortcode/block, with new filter  tribe_tickets_rest_api_always_show_attendee_data to always show it
  • Tweak – Added filters:
    • tribe_providers_in_cart
    • tribe_tickets_rest_api_always_show_attendee_data
  • Tweak – Changed views:
    • blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/checkbox
    • blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/radio
    • registration/attendees/fields/checkbox
    • registration/attendees/fields/radio
    • registration/button-checkout
    • tickets/orders
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 116 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

Event Tickets Plus 4.10.2

  • Fix – Change priority of initializing of CSV mapping
  • Fix – Use an md5 hash for checkbox and radio option names to prevent fields from not saving if they a large amount of characters and handle the processing of them
  • Fix – Swap similar methods with each other for statuses of ticket generation and emails in WooCommerce, thanks to @aaemnnosttv for the code!
  • Fix – Add filter for better overriding of archive title
  • Fix – Prevent missing stati causing query errors
  • Fix – Trigger showing the submit button in “my tickets” view
  • Fix – Handle null/empty values when iterating through attendee fields
  • Tweak – Change text on Tickets WooCommerce settings to properly reflect delay changes
  • Tweak – Add option to use a different page as the default Attendee Registration page using the [tribe_attendee_registration] shortcode
  • Tweak – Update hooks used to notify promoter of changes
  • Tweak – Add new hook tribe_tickets_plus_woo_reset_attendee_cache to notify when an WooCommerce attendee is reset on cache
  • Tweak – Changed views:
    • meta/checkbox
    • meta/radio
    • tickets-plus/orders-edit-meta
  • Language – 5 new strings added, 27 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

Not Updated This Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release and will remain at the version numbers specified here: