Community Tickets 4.7 – Split Payments with Event Organizers

Salaama!  We’ve been giving a fresh focus to Community Tickets. The doors are open once again for your website to divvy up ticket revenue with organizers and track your automatic payouts. We can’t wait to show you what’s new.

🔔 Heads Up: Event Tickets, Event Tickets Plus, and Community Events have minor updates as well. These plugins are only seeing changes that impact functionality with Community Tickets.


Split Payments Relaunched

Several years ago, we shared how you can split ticket sales with event organizers. You can enable organizers to submit an event and split ticket sales with you.

But as things go, our method for supporting this hit a bump in the road nearly 1.5 years ago.  Existing websites using the PayPal Adaptive Payments method are still able to keep using this with no impact from us or PayPal. However, no new websites were able to set up split payment accounts. Sadness.

Well…. IT’S BACK! We’re officially supporting the PayPal Payouts API, a newer method of organizing and automating payments. This means organizers, speakers, presenters, teachers, and more can get paid to host events with you, and payments automatically are issued by the plugin.

This is a Feature Releases which means it includes major updates. New features mean new code, and while we expect smooth sailing, there could be breaking changes. This is especially important for those of you who’ve added snippets, plugin extensions, template overrides or modified the core templates to the plugins. We always recommend using a staging site to test these changes before updating on a live site.

To see all of the changes included this Feature Release, check out the changelogs for all updated plugins below:

Event Tickets 4.10.7

  • Tweak – We fixed the styling of Attendee, Sales Orders, and Payouts reports by using unique IDs for tabbed views and correcting styles.
  • Tweak – When a fee is being added to the event ticket sale price, we need to show what that fee is and how it’s applied. We added a hook under the price description field of the admin ticket editor to do so.
  • Tweak – The Community Events Add Event Form was as fast as a snail and creating a lot of PHP notices. You’ll find we’re now over-caffeinated and checking for a post ID of 0 to prevent PHP notices.
  • Tweak – Depending on if you are using PayPal Payouts API or Adaptive payments, different PayPal credential fields display on the Events > Settings > Community page. To display only the the fields related to your configuration, we added IDs to radio fields.
  • Fix – We adjusted the alignment of the description text for checkbox and radio fields in admin settings screens.
  • Fix – When Displaying a List of Attendee’s Events using the [tribe-user-event-confirmations] shortcode, the following error was displayed: WordPress database error: [Table ‘#.wp_postmeta’ doesn’t exist]. We’ve corrected the hardcoded table name in the shortcode.
  • Hooks
  • Language0 new strings added, 73 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Event Tickets Plus 4.10.6

  • Tweak – Like in Event Tickets, we made a few tweaks to the styling of front-end reports.
  • Tweak – Similar to how Event Tickets is showing fees and how fees are applied, we needed to tweak a few things in Event Tickets Plus to work with Community Tickets. We removed fee calculation coding from the WooCommerce Tickets Order Report and replaced it with filters for Community Tickets to utilize.
  • Fix – Replace calculations in WooCommerce order report to utilize filters so Community Tickets (and other plugins) can add/modify them as needed.
  • Hooks – Added 12 filters, Removed 1 filter, Added 1 action
  • Language1 new strings added, 18 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

Community Events 4.6.4

  • Fix – There’s a little more polish to the back end of Events > Settings > Community page and made Community Events pixel perfect on the front end of as well. Tooltips and other assests were misbehaving and are now back in order.
  • Language0 new strings added, 82 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Community Tickets 4.7

  • Feature – We created a new PayPal Payouts API integration as the default Split Payments method. Previous installs can keep using Adaptive Payments. You can now process fee payouts for ANY WooCommerce payment gateway. Payouts will be processed by WP Cron once daily, you can filter and change this by filtering tribe_community_tickets_payouts_record_processor_interval and returning a valid WP Cron interval. (Note: You may want to add custom WP Cron intervals to process payouts less often than daily.)
  • Feature – We made new PayPal Payouts API options and show/hide functionality to collapse sections that are not applicable. See our Split Payments guide for an example.
  • Feature – We added a new Payouts repository tribe_payouts() that lets you filter and fetch data on the new tribe_payouts post type.
  • Feature – We added a new Payouts report screen available by going to Events > Events. Hover your mouse over the event title to see the Payouts report link below. It will list payouts for a specific event from PayPal Payouts API and any Adaptive Payments payouts going forward. (Note: Does not include historical payout information)
  • Feature – We now provide a migration script to migrate current fee data to existing Community Ticket orders for historical purposes going forward.
  • Feature – We have a new Fee Display Option: Fees will be added to the price of the ticket.
  • Tweak – As part of the Community refresh, we restyled and reorganized the front end payment options form.
  • Tweak – The treatments added to Community Events were extended to Community Tickets related areas, like on the front end events report screens.
  • Tweak – Only add fees to events created using Community Events. ⚠️ This will apply to events created before Community Tickets 4.7 as well. To override this, use the filter tribe_community_tickets_add_fee_to_all_tickets to apply fees to ALL events.
  • Fix – The link to Payment Options should only show if split payments are active. We also disabled the Payment Options page if split payments are not active.
  • Deprecated – The front-end organizer payment option form no longer shows an option to change the fee display handling option. This option used to allow organizers to override the way fees are shown for their tickets.
  • Tweak – Changed views:
    • community-tickets/modules/orders-report-after-organizer
    • community-tickets/modules/payment-options
    • community-tickets/modules/shortcode-attendees
    • community-tickets/modules/tickets
  • Hooks – Added 21 filters, Added 8 actions
  • Stability – Huzzah! We don’t want to exterminate bugs. We’d much rather prevent bugs from happening here at all. We’ve added in a shocking amount of automated tests to keep those pesky bugs away. After lots of counting, we’ve tallied 221 more automated tests with 1,364 assertions covering a wide range of functionality for Split Payments and Fee calculations. You can learn more about the WordPress testing framework: PHPUnit.

Not Updated This Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release and will remain at the version numbers specified here: