Skipping right to the heart of things, here’s a checklist to get you started with Promoter.

  • Log in to Promoter here:
  • Promoter requires an environment that is on the web (local installs will not work)
  • Promoter requires that all traffic related to your domain name uses https (SSL certificate required)
  • Promoter requires the user ID tied to the Promoter license to have the read_private_posts capability in WordPress (Admin, Editor or custom role). This is especially important if you are using a plugin that manages permissions/capabilities.
  • Promoter requires that you have at least the free The Events Calendar and Event Tickets plugins installed. It also works great with Event Tickets Plus.
  • Promoter does not work with Eventbrite Tickets for now.
  • Certain domain and subdomain names will not allow you to run Promoter (for technical reasons). Please make sure that your site is not using any of the following:
    • The presence of “staging” in the domain or subdomain
    • The presence of “dev” in the domain or subdomain
    • The presence of “test” in the domain or subdomain
    • myftpupload domains
    • wpengine domains
    • mybluehost domains
    • dreamhosters domains
    • lightningbasehosted domains
    • If your test site is using a domain name that is white-listed for testing / development purposes
  • Once a Promoter license is tied to a website (e.g.: a test one), it cannot be simply swapped to another website. If you have used the license on a site and wish to transfer it to a different website, please contact our help desk.
  • Promoter works on WordPress sites within a sub-folder, such as Please reach out to our support team to help you complete the installation correctly.
  • Promoter currently does not work on multi-site WordPress installations.
  • Promoter does not officially support WPML. Attendees of an event that is in a secondary language may not sync.

Installation instructions

Follow these steps to install Promoter

  1. Purchase a Promoter License at
  2. After you complete the checkout process, you’ll see your license appear in your account on
  3. Within your WordPress dashboard, proceed to Events > Settings > Licenses and enter your Promoter license

You are now ready to get started using Promoter!

Using the Promoter Quick Start guide

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your license and submit and click on Next: Your Profile
  3. Double-check your profile details and choose a password. Click on Next: Select website
  4. Select the website you want to connect Promoter (1) to and click on Next: Sync Events (2) to load events from your site
  5. Click on Authorize Promoter
  6. Click on Complete Sync

The import of your events to Promoter should now be scheduled (it might take a few minutes to appear). 

Happy promoting!