3 Calendar Automation Tools that will Save You Time Managing Your Events

If you’re hosting a full calendar of events, your time is best spent preparing for said events, not fooling around with your website.

We built The Events Calendar as a free resource so people could easily add a simple and functional calendar to their website. We built Events Calendar PRO for people like you! People who are busy and need to hand off any task they possibly can.

So, how exactly does Events Calendar PRO mean more time for you? We’ve outlined a few of its best time-saving features below:

1) Recurring Events

Inputting information for each unique event instance can be a huge drain on your time. With the recurring events feature, you can create one version of an event and replicate it as many times as you like with the click of a button.

The recurring event settings are detailed and intuitive—you can use them for events that happen weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly like clockwork, or with events that fall on an irregular pattern. Adjusting the time and date settings for your recurring events is much quicker than rewriting each event from scratch!

2) Location Search

If your calendar plays host to a large number of events across various locations, navigation can become tricky for your site visitors.

By using Events Calendar PRO’s location search, users can quickly find events in their area without having to browse or ask. PRO also includes a Map View of the calendar, so users can see where each event is happening. Beyond that, there’s a Photo View feature, so you can add pictures of the location to each event.

Cut down on the number of questions you receive by giving your audience the tools they need to narrow down your events by their location of choice! The Events Calendar PRO’s location search feature saves time for them and for you.

3) Additional Fields

Events Calendar PRO comes with a feature to add additional fields to your event registration form. The additional fields are completely customizable so you can ask your attendees anything you need to know at registration, from shirt size to details on their dietary restrictions.

Events Calendar PRO boasts all sorts of features that will save you time in planning and organizing a busy online calendar full of events. For a complete rundown of the features PRO has to offer, click here.

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