WPEC Tickets: A Video Preview

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s preview providing a glimpse at the latest build of Filters Bar, we’ve got another plugin we want to show you…this one even newer than the last. While folks have seen various versions of Filters Bar in the wild since late 2012/early 2013, nobody has seen WPEC Tickets in action…until now.

In the brief video below, I’ll walk through WPEC Tickets — our latest plugin, which allows you to sell tickets for events through WP E-Commerce — and how it works, what it requires and providing a sneak peak at the overall interface. Spoiler alert: if you’ve used WooCommerce Tickets already, this is almost the exact same functionality (just tapping into a different commerce engine). Check it out:

You may be asking right about now: When can I get my hands on it? Very soon. We’ve still got a bit of internal QA to do ourselves, and once it passes muster and gets the team’s final stamp of approval, we’ll push this puppy out into the wild. Make sure you’ve either subscribed to the newsletter (sign up form is right here on the tri.be site), or are connected to us on Twitter / Facebook. We’ll provide folks with updates + announcements as they become available.